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weekend getaways
weekend getaways

Weekend Getaways: Small trips and the outings have become very popular among the professionals since Indian economy is booming and due to the job pressures in many of the organizations. These small trips could be done on weekends. These outings might be called weekend getaways as well. As these trips will keep them fresh and energetic, the weekend tours are the very good stress buster for the corporate. A lot of the weekend getaways are organized from the metro cities or the business hubs.

The weekend tour can be started on Fridays or Saturday and are the duration of 02 Nights & 03 Days. In India, the weekend getaways are many categories as the culture, adventure, and wildlife etc. In India, there are many national parks, hill retreats, cultural places, historical destinations and trekking & rafting gateways. These places have good accessibility from the major cities and the corporate and other travelers may choose the weekend tours easily.

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Weekend Getaways: Rajasthan

Weekend Getaways:
Weekend Getaways:

In Rajasthan, the popular weekend destinations are Jaipur, Ranthambhore National Park, Sariska National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Jodhpur, Udaipur and few other places. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and is connected through rail, air and road by major places of India. Udaipur and Jodhpur also have flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and few other cities that are prominent and could be reached simply via rail and road as well. Other destinations fall close to these cities and don’t have any accessibility problem. Rajasthan is very close to Delhi and National Capital Region hence it’s a favored weekend option for the travelers.

Weekend Getaways: Maharashtra

In Maharashtra state its capital city is Mumbai has also got many weekend options. One can travel to Tadoba and Nagzira National Parks which are located near to Nagpur. Other than national parks far from city, the travelers of Mumbai can visit the hill retreats of Maharashtra as Lonavala, Khandala and Matheran etc.

Weekend Getaways: Other destinations

However, one may also take a flight and can travel to other destinations of India as Rajasthan and Taj Mahal etc. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, therefore most of the crowd wish to see it once. Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located, has regular flights from Delhi and Jaipur. Agra also has very good train connection from the major cities of India.

From Kolkata, the weekend options are Sunderbans National Park, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Jaldapara, Kalimpong and the cultural places of Orissa. Orissa also has few national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which attract weekend tourists.

Weekend Getaways: Indian beaches

The India Beaches are also famous and might be enjoyed on the weekend. The famous beach spots of India are Goa, Kovalam&Marari (Kerala), Gopalpur on Sea (Orissa), Andaman Islands, Lakshadweep Islands and few other beach destinations in South and Central India.

Weekend Getaways: Other parts of India

Central India is extremely famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, which may be covered on weekend. The major destination visited on weekend tours are BandhavgarhNational Park Kanha National Park, Pench National Park and Panna National Park. Madhya Pradesh also has cultural sites as Khajuraho temples and Orchha. Besides these sites, the state has hill stations like Pachmarhi that might be visited on weekend.

In Himalayan states like Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttranchal are also famous for weekend tours. In these states, the famous weekend getaways are Rishikesh for white water rafting & small trekking tours, Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Srinagar, Mata Vishano Devi Shrine, Corbett National Park, Ranikhet and Nainital etc.

The tourist can choose any destination as per connectivity from the business hub and his/ he interest. Since weekend tours are the travelers and small durations may visit frequently to these places to remove the stress.

Weekend Getaways Around Bangalore

The capital city of Indian state Karnataka, Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Home to heavy industries, numerous praise worthy educational institutes, software companies, telecommunications and defence organisations, Bangalore is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. The city is not thus visited by a diverse list of travelers, not just for business purposes, but also to explore its beauteous botanical gardens and awe-inspiring temples. Not just the city, but also the regions around it are worth a watch.

While in the vicinity one must take time out to explore one of these renowned weekend getaways around Bangalore. These weekend packages include astonishing wildlife destinations, sites of religious relevance and beauteous hill stations.

Some of the destinations popular amongst travelers for enjoying weekend breaks around Bangalore are:

Weekend Getaways: Tirupati

Situated around 225 kilometers from Bangalore, Tirupati is the famed Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. The temple located on Venkatadri hill is reportedly the richest and the most visited place of worship in the whole of the world. It is believed the temple has a self-manifested idol of Lord Vishnu and thus the temple is counted amongst one of the holiest shrines of the Lord. The temple provides ample opportunities to observe Hinduism and Indian culture and therefore a tour to Tirupati mustn’t be skipped from your weekend getaways plan.

Weekend Getaways: Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai National Park is perched on the northwestern side of beauteous Nilgiri Hills. Mudumalai literally means “first hills” and the national park is one of the first wildlife sanctuaries established in the country. The sanctuary divided into 5 ranges that of Masinagudi, Thepakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi and Nellakota is a haven of a place.

One can spot herds of Gaur, Chital, endangered species of Bengal Tigers and Indian elephants along with other predators roaming freely in their natural habitat here and Leopards. The park is densely forested with three main types of foliage including tropical moist deciduous, southern tropical dry thorn and tropical dry deciduous plantations together creating spectacular scenery.

Weekend Getaways: Nagarhole National Park

The park located at a distance of 210kilometres from Bangalore is one place you need to add in your weekend packages. You will be taken by a short drive from Bangalore to the tranquillizing ambience of Nagarhole National Park. An erstwhile hunting reserve of former rulers of Mysore, the park is now a wildlife reserve covered with verdant valleys, beauteous streams and gorgeous waterfalls. Travellers choosing Nagarhole National Park as their weekend getaway around Bangalore can spot furious wild creatures such as elephants, wild dogs, leopards, tigers, sloth bears also Nilgiritahrs and lion-tailed macaques here.

Weekend Getaways: Wayanad

Located about 282 kilometres from Bangalore, Wayanad is an ideal choice for weekend getaways. The place is significantly admired for its mist covered hill stations, emerald hues of its own jungles and verdant spice plantations. A large part of the region is covered with forests and houses mountainous regions such as Chamba Peak. The beauty of the region catches the attention of even the most discerning travellers also its beauteous temples ooze out tranquillity that charms all.

Weekend Getaways From Chennai

Chennai is the prosperous and affluent capital of Tamil Nadu positioned on the Coromandel Coast on the shoreline of Bay of Bengal. The town has an ideal combination of prosperous enriching heritage and a sophisticated look that attracts travellers to this city. The beautiful golden shores, soaring spires of temples and the gorgeous South Indian sarees make Chennai themuch-loved visitor’s hot spot.

Chennai has some thrilling tourist destinations close to the city. In the event you are preparing to holiday in the city then there are some outstanding weekend getaways from Chennai. There are numerous pleasure trips that you can chart out from Chennai.

Weekend Getaways: Covelong:

One of the dream places for history lovers. Covelong near Chennai has a good number of historical monuments all along with forts, churches, mosques and a stunning beach. You are interested to know more and more about the history of Tamil Nadu and in the event, you are an ardent admirer of history then plan weekend getaways to Covelong from Chennai.

Weekend Getaways: Mahabalipuram:

To be found approximately 55kms from Chennai, Mahabalipuram is the live example of Pal lava drawing and architecture. A prosperous seaport of the Pal lava era, Mahabalipuram is one of the chief tourist magnetism of Tamil Nadu. From wonderful rock cut shrines to the lovely golden beaches, Mahabalipuram is one of the much-loved tourist destinations.

Weekend Getaways: Kanchipuram:

Considered to be one of the holy temple cities of India, Kanchipuram is placed a few miles away from Tamil Nadu. A town of hand and temples made Kanjeevaram silks, Kanchipuram is a gorgeous city dazzling with the customs and prosperous inheritance of South India. Recognized as the Golden City of Temples, Kanchipuram temples display the rich work of art and architectural magnificence of the Dravidians. These Weekend Getaways from Chennai to Kanchipuram will be an inspiring and heartening experience for the travellers.

Weekend Getaways: Tirupati:

If you are scheduling for a spiritual tour to South India then Tirupati should be the ideal destination. One of the main blessed temples in India, Tirupati is well thought-out to be the most respected places in India. On the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is the dwelling of the Lord of the Seven Hills. It has been adored for over thirteen centuries here. In case you are searching for weekend getaways from Chennai visit Visiting this place gives a kind of satisfaction to you and you are absolutely at peace with yourself.

Weekend Getaways Around Mumbai

Living in metropolitan cities in India is no child’s play; interminable work pressure, polluted ambience and traffic-clogged streets make one desperate for an escape. Mumbai is one such metropolis it’s known as the city that never sleeps and where life runs 24X7; in this type of city an incorrigible desire to escape the maddening monotony shapes up in every human heart. Residents of Mumbai are fortunate for there are several options for weekend getaways around Mumbai in this regards. Ranging from religious tours to visits to beauteous hill stations there is no dearth of choices for weekend tours around Mumbai.

Weekend Getaways: Lonavala:

Weekend Getaways:
Weekend Getaways:

Lonavala is a hill station located several kilometres away from Mumbai on Mumbai-Pune Highway. The lush environs come alive during the monsoon season when the countryside turns beauteous green with meandering beauteous waterfalls and ponds. The hill station situated 622 m above sea level in the Sahyadri ranges is an ideal holidaying destination with beauteous vistas and with its interesting caves such as Karla Caves, Bedsa and Bhaja Caves.



Weekend Getaways: Matheran:

Matheran is the smallest hill station in the whole of India, it is a quaint hamlet located in the Western Ghats. Nestled about 90 kilometres away from Mumbai the town attracts all kinds of travellers for a breath of fresh air and rejuvenating ambience.

Weekend Getaways: Shirdi:

The Land of famous Saint Sai Baba, Shirdi is the land peppered with various temples built to commemorate the holy saint. The region has temples built at all of the famous spot related to the sage’s life and thus remains flanked by a horde of devotees year-round.

Weekend Getaways Around Kolkata

The traffic-clogged city of Kolkata and humid climate takes away the charm from this cultural capital of India and then to get a fresh view of the city one should go for weekend getaways around Kolkata. Escape the maddening city life to enjoy some quiet time at the care of nature. The city is lined with beautiful places for enjoyable weekend tours around Kolkata that one will be spoilt for choice here. A weekend vacation package ensure you come out of your usual surroundings have some fun amid nature’s care or at some exciting adventure sports and then return home just in time to continue with your official work on Monday morning.

There are numerous holiday options around the city out of which the best options for weekend getaways around Kolkata are:

Weekend Getaways: Sunderbans:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sunderbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. The name itself means beautiful jungle in Bengali language and the entire region that is true to its name is a stunning natural scenery. The forest is situated in the vast delta formed in the Bay of Bengal by the giant rivers the Ganges, Meghan and Brahmaputra. The forest is crisscrossed by a complex network of tidal waterways and small islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests and such rich flora and encapsulating scenery makes a visit to the forest a must have. The region’s fauna includes eponymous Royal Bengal Tiger and various species of birds, crocodiles, snakes and spotted deer and more.

Weekend Getaways:Diamond Harbour:

A short drive from Kolkata will take you to its southern suburbs where on the banks of Hooghly River fascinating Diamond Harbour can be located by you. Just 50 kilometres from the city it’s one of the finest options for weekend getaways around Kolkata. The river cruises here are one of the most famous tourist attractions and so is the relics of a Portuguese Fort and the famous pilgrimage site Sharisha Ramakrishna Mission Ashram. The nearby township is well known as Joynagar which offers other sightseeing attractions such as several manuscripts and stone idols of Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha and Lord Vishnu. Diamond Harbour brings lots more to your travel kitty when you visit it during the time of Ganga Sagar Fair held here every year which witnesses the second largest congregation of mankind in the world.

Weekend Getaways: Shantiniketan:

Situated at 180 kilometres north of Kolkata, Shantiniketan is the land of the famous author and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It was his vision to convert the small city into a university town. That now attracts visitors and students from around the world in bulks today.

These are a few of the famous and most enchanting weekend getaways around Kolkata. They are located in close proximity to the main city. They offer a quick escape from the jam-packed city life.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi

A melting point of vibrant cultures, Delhi offers respite to its inhabitants in the form of abounding outings within the city. And is an incredible city in itself. But unlike many of the cities, the folks in Delhi have a plethora of options. In regards to weekend getaways.

Also, since most of us are wary of spending our hard-earned money. And deserving weekends on non-essential tourist-flooded long travel hours and destinations. Weekend getaways from Delhi become all the more important.

Be adventure sites, its hill stations, religious shrines or commonplace tourist destinations. There are numerous getaways from Delhi at a stone’s throw.

Weekend Getaways: Mentioned below is the ultimate list of weekend getaways near Delhi

that get you in just the right mood to face the upcoming week and would turn your monotonous weekend into a mini vacation.

  1. Sariska, Rajasthan: Sariska rose to popularity due to Sariska Tiger Reserve. A successfully relocated home to Royal Bengal Tigers, the reserve is located in the Alwar district and is considered to be one of the best getaways from Delhi for its thriving wildlife.
  2. Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh: This quaint hamlet in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most charismatic hill stations in India. Narrow roads moving past vistas that are undulated take one back to the 19th century. The placid hill station is blessed with exotic surroundings and is a preferred weekend destination from Delhi.
  3. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: One of the holiest Indian cities, Rishikesh is not just the spiritual capital of India but its adventure capital. Even the globally known band The Beatles could not keep itself from visiting the sacred destination back in 1968.
  4. Mandawa, Rajasthan: merchant families and founded in 18th century by Mandawa is known for its splendid mansions and Havelis. It is a hamlet that is aesthetically pleasing and attracts numerous tourists from nearby cities and is locally known as Rajasthan’s open art gallery.

Weekend Getaways From Pune

A famous students’ hub, as it’s a multitude of top institutions. Pune is considered to be the best place to further your post-school studies. For a city, dwelled majorly with the youngsters, weekends mean total merriment, entertainment, and fun. For outsiders, Pune has a milieu of homestays, the very trending Oyo Rooms in Pun. And guesthouses, are perfect for the budgeted trip to the city. So here is a rundown of the best weekend trips one can take from Pune.


Lonavala means a series of resting niches carved from stones. And free of doubt Lonavala is a haven of natural beauty, calm, and serenity. The mystic hill station of Lonavala is situated at a distance of some 83 km from Mumbai through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The hill station is a favorite spot for the Bollywood artists. As well as for individuals who need some time away from their busy and mechanical lives.


One of its kind of private city in India, Lavasa and the first likewise ends up being a salubrious getaway from Pune. Spreading around 25,000 acres of land of fields that are rich and green. This upcoming happening destination is getting into the rundown of the most astute city. And has officially made its imprint as a prevalent visitor destination in the nation. It’s 58 km from Pune.


Situated at a distance of 85 km from Pune, this little town is one more weekend getaway from Pune. It is situated inside of the Sahyadri ranges. It’s a post in its region which is very famous among explorers who trek up to here on courses beginning at Kondivade or Lonavala. In rainy season this area accomplishes a lavish greenery scattered with waterfalls and little streams making it a not-to-be-missed spot. Rajmachi Fort with two structures that were sustained called Shrivardhan Fort. And Manaranjan Fort is the prime fascination here.


Around 117 km from Pune, this delightful resort is embellished by the captivating magnificence of the Kundalika River. And lavish green standpoint. As the murmuring Kundalika River advances along this town, it makes Kolad a perfect destination. To enjoy enchanting exercises like waterfall kayaking, rappelling, white water rafting and a couple others. Apart from this, this curious village additionally makes for a salubrious destination. Both for nature or significant others.


Bangalore is another major IT hub in India, and also has a host of opportunities for adventurous excursions. There are lots of direct Bangalore to Pune flights, and vice versa. Which is feasible, convenient, and save time. One can head to Coorg, Dandeli, Devbagh. And Bheemeshwari for an extreme encounter with gushing water waves for rafting.

Weekend Getaway in Mangalore

About three hundred and fifty kilometres from the capital, Bangalore. Mangalore lies nicely tucked between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Mangalore is the chief port city of Karnataka. And handles about seventy-five percent of India’s coffee export and a bulk of India’s cashew export. Demographically diverse, Mangaloreans speak many languages. Including Tulu (one of the Indian language that doesn’t have a script at this time), Konkani and Kannada.

Of tropical climate, Mangalore is a beautiful city, complete with rolling hills, winding tiled roof buildings, palm trees and roads. Through history, Mangalore has been ruled by many including the Kadambas, the Vijayanagar dynasty, the Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas and Portuguese. A source of contention between the British and Tipu Sultan, Mangalore eventually was annexed until the independence of India to the Madras Presidency.

Weekend Getaways: Mangalore is known for the following

Mangalore is well known for it is lovely beaches, amazing food (particularly Mangalorean fish curry) and pretty women. Mangaloreans are welcoming, warm and open. and will be happy to have you over to their home for a meal or a drink. Mangalore is a city with many homestays as well, and it comes as no surprise why. The city has a very strong culture of folk art and classical dance. One example of a dance and drama performance that’s held in Mangalore is the Yakshagana. It is a night long performance. It is absolutely amazing to watch.

Mangalore is also very close to places like Manipal, Suratkal and Udupi (particularly Malpe beach). They are all weekend getaways from the city that is about an hour’s drive away. This is the coast along which you will find white sandy beaches and rough seas. It makes for great pictures. And of course, you will be able to absolutely relax by the beach. Manipal and Suratkal are better known as university towns or student towns. While Udupi is known the world over for excellent South Indian food. Malpe beach has become popular as aparty spot or a hang out over the last few years. Irrespective of what identity these cities take on, they remain beautiful. It’s worth the drive back and forth from Mangalore. Just to explore these cities, relax and rejuvenate yourself.

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