Today: Check what’s trending on Social Media today!

Today social media
Today social media

Today Social Media is the buzz word in business. Small business, large corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurs are keenly aware of the trends this marketing is taking and the role of social sites in their business. They need to catch this wave into the future – their livelihood depends on it.

As social media evolves and weaves its way to every business, we watch the path it takes, We will see LinkedIn become the ‘go to’ social site. There’s the fact of LinkedIn being the first major social site to go public. While Twitter and Facebook have wrestled with the idea, LinkedIn is the first major social networking company to pick the plunge that is public.

LinkedIn has some juicy and amazing stats for the entrepreneur and small business owner. The average annual income fluctuates in the $110,000 range. Moreover, the demographics show the average LinkedIn user is the decision maker in the family. LinkedIn has made major internal changes and upgrades to their site making it much more user-friendly.

Another major trend is the growing demographics of women using sites that are social. Women by nature are gifted with social sites play and the social gene in their strength. Women constitute the fastest growing population on Facebook! We will see more targeted ads and marketing towards women by women! Women will dominate the social world! Watch out!

Today Facebook and Amazon are far ahead

As Facebook and Amazon continue to “Digg” into customer demographics, the customer info marketing world will also change. More and more is learned about the customer and their buying habits. Suggestive selling is already the mainstay at Amazon!

Besides mobile marketing in 2011, the move towards local marketing is going to become the standard in the industry. Relationship marketing is the cornerstone of the social world and this fits nicely into localized marketing. Building local relationships and using targeted traffic will be the norm. The future of marketing will forever be changed moving forward.

In addition, we’ll see the rise in social media consultants on the local level. Companies of all sizes will need an SM ‘expert’ or ‘go to person’ to direct their marketing efforts that are social. Social Media is overwhelming and too vast for the entrepreneur and the small business to learn. This will definitely give impetus to the local social consultant to create customized campaigns for their customer. Who is your social media consultant?

Today, these are only a number of the highlights and trends to watch in social media.

It’s going to be fun to see how SM trends continue to change our world today.

  1. Social messaging
  2. The fight against fake news
  3. Authentic content (a.k.a. live video)
  4. Augmented reality
  5. Chatbots

Finding trending topics on social media can be an important tool in keeping your brand ahead of the competition today. It can give you a better understanding of your audience and allow you to create content that is interesting, relevant.

Should you manage it for your own business or provide social media services, then you need to know the upcoming trends. There is no way that you can remain ignorant of the same. Because it’s now a maturing medium staying upbeat, in other words, is extremely important now.

Way back if you had a Twitter handle and/or a FB page you’d be having fun. It is no longer the same. It’s now no longer fun media to communicate and socialize, just play things. They’re now marketing tools that are proper. It now means that platforms and processes need to be implemented, meaning that it’ll efficient but even bore at times. And this also means that you will need to know the trends, some of which are –

Paid Likes today

With big companies going public, it is now growingly important to pay for Facebook likes, self-serve ads for Twitter or the promoted pins for Pinterest. In other words, SMM is no longer free should you want to do it on a big scale. It’s now, paid. So, in other words, in 2014, paid marketing is going to be very popular.

Strategy today

Plan it well and it now. Like I already said, it’s no longer just about the Twitter and Facebook accounts. Your strategy has to be customized as the online complexity increases. Define goals, identify the audience and allocate a budget to appropriate resources. And trust me, this not all. You’ve got to plan it to the end. Of course, we know that no strategy is foolproof and needs to be constantly evaluated and redesigned.

Brands v/s Traditional Publishers today

Everyone today is capable of self – publishing, what with the outreach, platform, tools and the power that social media platforms have given us. Brands, businesses, individual consultants are all realizing, that content publishing and social strategy have to go hand in hand and could be very synergistic and symbiotic to achieve the overall goal – sales and branding. It is about also the power of global accessibility, which is very different from that of publishing that is offline. Crowd sourced marketing, as a result, is no longer an afterthought, but actually a norm. Further, it is the crowd that now decides what it wants to read rather than depending on what publishers will publish.

Visual is better today

Visual content is a serious contender, especially in the context of SMO and SMM. This is because smartphones and tabs have a higher market penetration. It’s also because high-speed wireless networks are now available easily, thus making visuals convenient. Further, the data costs have reduced drastically as well and that means that now HD data might be uploaded for free or for lower costs in case of paid data uploading. The same applies to downloading of data on the end users end as well. Talk about visual networks like Pinterest, Instagram Vine, and the latest Shutterlock etc.

Today social media
Today social media

Mobile Mandate today

With an increase in the number of mobile users and their multi-functional approach to the internet optimizing your website and blog for a mobile friendly version is of pivotal importance. It is important that your website and blog could be viewed on mobile, use responsive WordPress templates. Your video and graphic content also have to be smartphone and tablet friendly. While this feature earlier was just a feature that is nice to have, it’s no longer the same and is now gradually becoming essential.

With how internet marketing has become a blast in a quick span of time, in the midst internet marketing trends of today, more and more people are captivated. It is not enough to know the basic rules, it is also important to continuously improve the way it is marketed throughout the web. Internet marketing is something that’s not only done in one sitting and be able to see the results overnight. Improved and it is supposed to be updated from time to time to keep up with the newest trends around the web.

Social networking has become a lot more today.

And very popular with the use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace. It has become the means of interacting throughout the web today. With the popularity of these networks, internet marketers might discover that it’s helpful to promote their products in these sites where people can get information and share what they know to their contacts. It is a good method to spread the news and an informative tool as well. In this fast-paced world of today, one has to make a constant effort to keep up with the latest advancements.

Internet marketing trends may also include going along with it and keeping track of the changes. Advertising to reach people and using social media networking sites as a means of communicating is a good strategy to start. The use of mobile applications has also increased in the past year. People can access the web while on the go with the use of their mobile phones. The internet is just a click away anywhere and anytime. One helpful thing with the use of these media sites is to gain access to these social networks to promote internet marketing and reach people around the world. With this particular strategy, it’ll be easy to stay connected.

Today Top Software Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Software development is a dynamic domain. You’ve got to keep your eye on new and emerging trends in this domain to expect the unexpected.

Today there are the top 5 trends to watch out for in 2017:

Agile Will Remain One of the Favourite Methodologies

It is gaining a lot of popularity in the recent years, despite the fact that this methodology has existed for a decade now. Almost 80% of software companies are dependent on this methodology for the success of their projects.

Huge Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) today

IoT enables the exchange of data by linking smart devices to the Internet, which was impossible earlier. With access and more connectivity to the network, programmers are expected to come up with solutions that were upgraded. These solutions may help users communicate and control with equipment and their gadgets of daily use.

Cloud Computing is Gaining Popularity today

Organizations with complex applications and appropriate data centers are moving towards cloud-based solutions to run their core business applications. The global cloud market is currently growing at a 22% annually and is expected to touch $146 billion by the end of 2017., Microsoft, Google, and IBM are the major contributors to the high demand for this platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) today

Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that full development of AI “could spell the end of the human race”. Despite this, we’ll see a surge in much more targeted AI systems like:

Robotics – personal, industrial, and retail

Autonomous vehicles (cars, drones etc.)

Bots – personal assistants, consumer, and CRM

Industry-specific AI for finance, health, security.

Today what To Expect In Mobile Technologies From 2017

There are numerous trends to expect in mobile phone technology from the year 2017.

Cloud-Based Apps today

First one on the list is the cloud computing based mobile applications. This is bigger advancements in the area of developing cloud & one of the most essential -based applications. This way, developers will have the better scalability options so they are going to be able to develop the apps which can provide users with the better security of their data in a meaningful fashion.

A significant portion of the data is usually stored on the cloud-based servers. So by using the cloud-based apps mobile devices of the users will not have to occupy large size data. And in the case of device failure or some disaster happens to the device the entire data can be recovered using the cloud-based applications. Here the objective is to make each of the things automated & lowering the human efforts down.

Use of wearable technology today

The next thing to discuss here is the technology that a person can wear or known popularly known as the wearable devices same in feel & look as the smart watches is commonly getting the interest of various users in the internet world. Also, the introduction of the fitness-based environment in the digital world with the use of fitness gadgets is the perfect example of integrating the devices with tablets & the mobile phones. But at the same time, these applications need to be bundled with an interface that requires smooth working with mobiles & tablets & excellent performance. This could achieve the users to have a smoother navigation with mobile-based operating systems.

Internet of Things today

Today social media
Today social media

With the introduction of IOT (or better known as the internet of things) today millions of devices could be able to connect with each other in terms of getting better user experience & management of the massive amount of data. Devising providing solutions that are useful for managing the data & the new visualization tricks is essential today. If the potential is utilized correctly, then the newest form of developing trends can be achieved with greater success. With the keen to make many things automated & efforts as low as possible the sole objective of this technology is to take small steps towards the development of real-time apps that can manage & automate things around us.

Use of Artificial Intelligence today

We know that many mobile applications that are based can interpret your speech or recognize your speech to carry out important tasks for you. A couple of the most popular applications of these kinds are Siri (of iPhone) & Google Now (Android). These are only the examples of Artificial Intelligence that could play a deciding role in the development of speech detection technology to maximize the potential & give their benefits to customers. The advancements & research in this area is huge & there is a scope of development in this machine if used correctly, learning technology.

Today: Use of location-based services will be increased

In recent times another significant advancement is the use of the location-based services in mobile technology. There is the recent development of certain location-based applications which are capable of providing location-based services, is now on trending note. With utilizing the potential of location-based apps, one can look into the inside of restaurant without visiting the restaurant personally, virtually event, and this is the new future of the mobile based technology. In the event the mobile technology continues to march in good speed this really is very popular among the young generation and strives to provide unbelievable changes in coming future.

At last, making the mobile interface more interactive and friendly by improvising the overall look & feel of the apps can overall improve the user experience at a level that is great.

Why do social media trends matter today?

Trend monitoring is important for practically any business. For community managers and marketers, joining a conversation in a timely matter means you are able to add something to the conversation. There may be trends in your industry that dictate product development.

Trends on Twitter today

Twitter is the home of fast moving, up-to-the-minute content. It has regularly been the platform which has broken major news stories, such as the Miracle on the Hudson. It is also somewhere not so major stories break, such as the memorable afternoon that half a million people stopped working to watch the live stream of a puddle in northern England, via Twitters streaming video app Periscope.

2 ways of trending on Twitter. The first is available not or whether you have a Twitter account and is called Moments. This really is really a curated list of the most important stories with Tweets that are selected and an explanation, at that time. Due to nature which was curated, it is generally restricted to the biggest stories of the day.

Personalized trends are available to those with a Twitter account, and are available on the left-hand side of the page. By default, this shows a tailored selection of trends, based on an algorithm that accounts for your location and who you follow.

By clicking change at the very best of the trends section, you can easily see trends for specific locations.

Discover trends on Instagram today

Instagram surfaces trends in real-time. The trends are personalized by the algorithm, which means that if you don’t follow the right people you might miss an important trend.

Trending on Facebook today

The content displayed depends on follows your likes, every one of the rests of the data Facebook holds about you and activity.

The stories are grouped into entertainment, politics, science and tech, top trends, and sports. As journalists made a shocking discovery social media is personalized, recently this section that is trending was in the news.

A really interesting tool was designed by the Wall Street Journal called Red Feed, Blue Feed. This shows a representation of the stories that are different the algorithm can display.

The echo chamber effect of social media is well demonstrated with 62% of US adults getting their news from social media and serves as a reminder that trends, like much on social, are personalized.

Trends on YouTube today

Google Trends today

Google Trends itself is an extremely useful tool and certainly will be familiar to SEO others and practitioners. It permits you to enter a search term and view the historic number of searches on a graph. It’s possible for you to see whether the topic is taking off or retreating back into obscurity.

Trends have a story-centric homepage. The landing page has a list of stories, together with the search terms associated with that story. It is a graph with a timeframe to show you the velocity of the trend.

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Today: Check what’s trending on Social Media today!

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