Thriller movies: Get your thrill fix here!

thriller movies knight and day
thriller movies knight and day

Thriller movies as the term suggests are movies made to thrill. That is these movies are made to instill some sort of excitement, thrill or adrenaline rush in us. These are great escape vehicles or rather adrenaline-fuelled vehicles that help to charge us up. As well as, seek the thrill that we desire.

Thriller movies are also a staple for people who like to live on the edge or are risk takers. As well as for people who may not necessarily be risk takers but do enjoy an occasional thrill now and then. After all, there is a somewhat of a derisive pleasure that we seek occasionally.

Without which life might get a tad bit too dull and mundane. No one particularly likes or enjoys monotony. And these thriller movies can be the perfect getaway (or breather) from the mundane chores of our everyday lives.

Thriller movies and horror movies-the asscociation

Though, the thriller genre is often found associated with mystery genre (refer to our article on mystery movies). Here when we are talking about thriller movies in this article, we are going to be talking about another genre (in addition to thriller movies genre of course) that has been responsible for providing us with a different kind of rush altogether.

We are of course talking about the ‘flight or fight’ response that does kick in particularly when we come face to face with our innermost fears. When we are faced with situations that create fear in us, it gives us a different kind of rush. And the reason for this fear is the genre best reserved for inspiring screams and shrieks-yes, we are talking about the horror genre.

You see, horror instills in us the fear of the unknown (which I must say is almost genetically present in humans) and that can both terrify and excite us in equal measures. Of course, there are those who don’t prefer the horror genre but don’t mind an action thriller once in a while.

But there are many who love the horror genre and love watching thriller movies with a horror or supernatural element attached to it. So, before we further discuss the horror genre in thriller movies genre, let us properly understand whatever we can about thriller movies.


Thriller movies: What here is the thriller definition?

Thriller movies are made to excite us and give us that ‘near miss’ feeling. Once in awhile, we all like to indulge or be a part of activities that excite and electrify us. You know, that kick you get when you sit for a roller coaster ride or when you are driving a little too fast on the freeway?

Simple fun and thrill seeking activities, not necessary but still we like to charge ourselves up by being a part of them. In a similar fashion, we like to watch thriller movies or videos through which we can attain the ‘living on the edge’ feel without actually doing that.

Thriller movies are usually not very strong in terms of script, but they do doll up on the aesthetics. As they are adrenaline fuelled vehicles, you will have everything from well-choreographed action and chase sequences to beautiful locales and fast paced sub plots.

Characters in these movies

In addition to this we will definitely have some shady characters, macho, mob type and dangerous looking side characters and of course, the over the top confident and stylish main star of the movie (who will triumph whatever the circumstances). Then throw in some dire obstacles and beautiful (albeit not so bright and scared looking) female muses and you have the recipe for a perfect thriller.

You can sit back, eat some popcorn and enjoy two hours of adrenaline filled haphazard but super fun incidents that fulfill your thrill seeking quota for a few days.

Now, that we have discussed thriller movies in general, let us discuss a particular type of thrill genre. In particular, we are talking about the horror genre attached to the thriller genre. To have a proper discussion about them, we would first have to talk about just horror movies and what they entail.


What are horror movies?

Horror movies like thriller movies do instill excitement in us but it is of a rather different type. Horror as a genre was made to scare us and evoke fear but only in the entertainment sense. Every horror film can be and has been used as a way of entertainment for many.

We all have had those times sitting around a bonfire with our close friends or relatives and talking about scary tales that each one of us has heard or experienced. We don’t like to think about it much, but some of us like to have a belief in mysticism.

And through this mysticism, the stories of horror and supernatural are born. For horror is essentially playing on the supernatural element that most of us deny exists. But some of us do believe in. Regardless, of whether you believe in these supernatural elements, you can and do enjoy these thriller movies with a touch of the horror element.

Storylines of Horror movies

Again if we look at the storylines of these movies, they are not very different from your staple thriller movies. The plot is usually not the main focus of these movies and more points are given on the treatment of these movies.

The scares, sounds, make-up, costumes, visual effects, and scary elements are what these movies are more concentrated on. Whether through a visual or audio medium, the main focus of these movies is to create appropriate scary elements that make us jump in our seats.

For, why else would we go to watch these movies, if it were not for those scary, jumpy moments? It is to seek such fear inspired moments that we enjoy these movies so much. And if the scary parts of the movie are truly horrifying and terrifying we are willing to forgive them of the slim (or sometimes non-existent) storylines.

So in this case, there is not much difference between thriller movies and movies made of the horror genre. And here we would like to discuss the fusion of these two genres and would like to talk about the thriller-horror genre as one.

Thriller movies: The Shining
Thriller movies: The Shining

Thriller movies: Why we like watching these movies?

Now, that we have discussed these horror and thriller movies separately and together, let us understand briefly about why we are attracted to these movies? And then, whether or not these movies can have any adverse psychological effects on us?

There are many reasons why we like watching horror and thriller movies. Some we have discussed in the beginning of this article. The rest we will discuss ahead.

  • Horror and thriller movies as explained earlier are a way for us to seek excitement that otherwise might be missing (or not too prominent) in our everyday life.
  • They are perfect escape vehicles that are short lived and harm free (well mostly anyway).
  • They are visually very appealing, whether it is the picturesque locations these movies are set in or the drool worthy actors in these movies.
  • There is a dark element in all of us that we can explore and yet keep buried and in check by watching these movies. As they give us a constructive outlet for our less than appreciable dark feelings.
  • And lastly, watching these horror/thriller movies are a great way to pass the time.


Horror/Thriller movies: Are they good or bad for us? Do they have any adverse psychological effects?


Having discussed the reasons that we spare time for and enjoy these movies, we are going to look at if there are any psychological effects of these movies.

Watching thriller movies with a horror background can lead to some adverse effects mentally and psychologically. But before we talk further about them do know that they are not universal and depend from person to person.

Sometimes an overindulgence of this genre can be harmful. Because horror genre is known for the scare tactics they employ, sometimes these scary elements can leave a psychological scar on us. There are a lot of us who fear darkness and watching such movies can lead to that.

We might also become extremely jumpy when we hear unexpected sounds because of watching too many of these horror thriller movies (as they use lots of audio effects to get the appropriate scares from the audience). Of course, it goes without saying people with heart problems should try to stay away from these movies as they tend to be too jumpy as discussed earlier.

Not appropriate for kids always

These movies are also not really appropriate for kids below a certain age. As kids’ have very impressionable minds, showing them these types of movies can send them the wrong signal. They might believe some fictional thing like a monster, which might lead to night terrors or worse.

As for the adults, sometimes they too believe in the fiction. This can lead to them feeling scared or developing irrational fears. Also, sometimes some may obsess over inconsequential, fictional elements of these movies that may lead them to indulge in fruitless activities (like finding the truth about something that actually doesn’t exist).

This can lead to a lot of wastage of time and energy. And is most definitely, not recommended. Having said that (with the exception of showing these movies to kids), the rest of the consequences are not universal but individualistic. We should look at these horror/thriller movies as just movies and not dwell on them further.

After all, too much of anything does more harm than good.

Worldwide reception of thriller movies

Now that we have understood the basis of thriller movies with conjunction to the horror genre. And an in-depth analysis on their adverse effects if any. Let us get down to talking about the reception of these movies worldwide. Like every fad, trend or phase, that comes, reigns over for some time and then disappears. Horror genre also had a great day in the sun.

However, of late the number of thriller movies with a horror element being made has gone drastically down. Not because people have stopped watching them. But because these genres have mixed with other genres like fantasy and science fiction. All of which have become more popular (and the current fad if we may call them so).

Another thing, thriller movies without the horror element are still getting made and doing really well. Take the example of movies like ‘Knight and Day’ or ‘Fast and the Furious’ series, these thriller movies are doing really well.

Thriller movies: The Fast and the Furious
Thriller movies: The Fast and the Furious

Horror movies that have done well

And not to take away from the horror genre, some good horror thriller genre movies are being made. Though, they are few and far between. For example, the movie ‘Oculus’ did exceptionally well worldwide and even lead to a Hindi adaptation.

And though, there are movies being made in this genre, they are not too well received. Or well made barring a few exceptions. Not to say that the horror genre is not very popular anymore. Even today a lot of people still remember the classics. Like ‘The Exorcist’ or ‘The Shining’ or ‘The Ring’ series.

But one movie industry where horror thriller movies/genre is still very strong in the Korean movie industry. Here the market for horror is immense and thriving. In fact, most of the horror thriller movies made nowadays are more or less, copies of famous Korean horror thriller movies.


Types of thriller movies

The genre of thriller movies without the horror element is still going strong. And there are quite a number of types of thriller movies. And these types of thriller movies are:-

  • Romantic thriller
  • Horror thriller
  • Fantasy thriller
  • Action thriller
  • Adventure thriller
  • Crime thriller genre
  • Comic thriller
  • Psychological thriller
  • Thriller suspense genre
  • Political thriller
  • Spy thriller
  • Techno-thriller

Thriller movies: How popular are they in India? And share your videos of horror or thriller genre here at Sharehiss

Thriller movies, on their own accord, are quite popular in India and particularly, in Bollywood. A number of official remakes of Hollywood and Korean movies have been made in Bollywood. An example of this is the movie ‘Bang Bang’ which is the official remake of ‘Knight and Day.

These movies are well received in our country and have a huge fan base. Thriller movies with a horror element to them are sometimes a hit, like the ‘Raaz’ series. And mostly, a miss, like the ‘1920’s’ series. But that is more to do with the content and package rather than the demands of the audience.

We do enjoy a good horror thriller but we will not go for a below average fare. So, India needs to work on producing some good horror content movies. And if you think that you have some great thriller movies or horror videos or short films. That you would like to share with the world, then, don’t hesitate.

Please do share your videos, posts, and images with us on Sharehiss. Whether you are an actor, writer or director. If you have a good thriller or horror video, we would like to promote you. And showcase your talent to the world.



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Thriller movies: Get your thrill fix here!

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