Sexual: – 5 Things Women Observe About You In Bed


Sexual: – Women are often shy when it comes to disclosing the things that they want from guys, especially if it is about sex. There are just a couple of women who inform their man what and how they would like to be stimulated and can discuss and such.

Is that you need to put her mind at ease and make her feel comfortable she can get into the mood that is right before you begin going down to business. To get you started, here are 7 things that girls want from their guy when it comes to sex.


Talk to Her – Tell her that she that there is nothing more you can ask for and is the attractive and most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.

Cradle Her – Hold her close and give her a kiss. So that she can feel your pulse move faster and faster embrace her.

Praise Her – Softly whisper to her ears how you want her passionately. Tell her you’ve longed to hold her close to your body.

Entice Her – Entice her naughty character with the ambiance. Leave rose petals and have a bottle of champagne ready.

Amaze Her – If you’ve been doing exactly the same position over and over again, surprise her with a sex position or any sex move.

Learn from Her – When she takes your hand and guides it to a certain part of her body, read her eyes and you’ll know what to do.

Wow Her – Make orgasms are achieved by her first. Enter her with passion and lust as soon as you see her all perked up.

You men should know them, although in the meantime there are several things women are currently considering sex that tend to go unsaid.

1) We can tell when you’re doing something because you saw it in a porno.
2) Endurance is overrated.
3) We really do know what will get us to orgasm.
4) ”Getting there” is more trouble than it’s worth.
5) Our bodies are very sensitive

Communication between two partners is the perfect. But have some sympathy for girls who haven’t read enough self-explanatory books or seen therapists that are enough to conquer their fear of speaking up. You may find that having patience and understanding will make it more easy to draw on them out. To encourage communication, do not make faces when girls do push themselves to talk like your ego is hurt or act. It took plenty of courage to do so in the first

Women notice details most vague, and things are appreciated by guys as a whole. Men may only appreciate looks, while women take the time to observe actions and things. Rather than focusing on gadgets and clothes that women do not care about, work on things that a woman always takes into consideration.

A man’s eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s expressive even. The outlook of a guy can be determined by women just by gazing into his eyes.
If a guy’s gaze fleets from one or if a woman can not be looked at him straight in the eye, he can be considered insincere or uninterested. Insert a bounce to your step with a twinkle in your eye to keep the fire in the connection alive and burning.

A man’s moves. Even though she does not say so, a woman is usually busy watching a man’s body language. She is going to have the ability to pick up hints when you are bored or tense about something and will beat you to saying something about it initially.

A man’s facial expressions and what he does with his hands are giveaways to what he believes and feels. Keep up your guard as she might keep a distance from 22, and never let your girl catch you.

A man’s guard. Guys want to be in control, but they do not understand how, since a woman in a relationship will need control also. When this occurs, a man usually gives way and the woman becomes the partner.

As a guy, you will be respected more if you remain consistent and not allow your girl. This way, you won’t have to run and catch up with her every whim.
A man’s build. They are, however, attracted to how a man carries himself through his clothing a guy with a body can be taken as a man with positive personality.

If he can wear his clothes right, and at the right time and place, he gets points for being right. Women pay attention and would like their partners to look as pleasing as they are. For is a good dose of self-esteem, the value is not a question.


Besides the hormonal effects, there are mainstream factors that bring about varying sexual testimonies of marriages.

The two other major factors that affect elderly women encounter are:

Men’s Erectile Dysfunction

Men’s erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as impotence, is a state that’s thought to have occurred even or perhaps. When it occurs or when a man is not able to attain an erection, he would not be able to sustain it. In another way, the sexual activity would be tough.

That is one, if not the most common factor that terminates the problem among men. Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects an estimated 30 million American men to a degree. Once thought to be primarily ”all in your mind”, it’s now known that the ”causes” of impotence are usually physical.

The vast majority of men and marriages are living by this. Not that the girl may not desire sex, but the guy might be unintentionally ‘unavailable for the moment’. It is important to say here that besides physical causes of sexual weakness in men, the of impotence is more traumatic. A

A woman has a major role in reviving the potency of her spouse to play. Hear this; men are more emotional than girls when it has to do with sex. When a man fails to meet his responsibility, he feels rejected and dejected, unlike the girls who might like to lay the blame. He feels inferior to a man. The response of the girls under circumstances determines better or worse his state becomes. A statement or a response from his wife may worsen his nervousness and increase the possibility of failures.

It is therefore important for any wise woman who is mindful of the peace of her home note this revelation: when you observe that your husband fails abruptly, possibly before your sexual satisfaction, the girls should be sensible to know that his pains and worries for not living up to expectation far outweigh your feeling of poor sexual satisfaction.

When the women observe that your husband falls unintentionally, support him emotionally. Let him feel that you still believe in him help him get back his confidence by saying things like these; I understand you have not been like this; it is just for a while; come on, you’ll make it some other time.

Debilitating Sexual Diseases

From age 50, men and women usually suffer varied health diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases, cancers, prostate problems (for guys) etc. Thus most relationships struggle with more or one of those diseases, which shift their focus away from sex. Furthermore, a healthy sexual relationship demands a healthy heart, thus a man with a heart problem may have drowning encounter during prolonged sexual episode;
one of those philosophies that explain why men die during sex on top of women.

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Sexual: – 5 Things Women Observe About You In Bed

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