Romantic video: Best in the romance genre

Romantic video
Romantic video

Romantic video or movie is a great way to pass the time. And it is an equally great idea for a romantic date. Watching a romantic video or romantic film is an ideal way to spend time on a date, when you are missing someone or if you are just a die-hard romantic at heart.

Romantic films and romantic video have always had a special place in all our hearts. Especially women constitute a major part (let us say about 99.9%) in the fan following of the romance genre.

Women are more likely to fall head over heels for a new romantic video or movie that has hit the theaters or the Internet.

Mostly because of they have an undying faith in true love. As well as the fact that they are waiting ever since they were a little girl for, their true blue handsome prince.

Just waiting for him to come and sweep them off their feet. And take care of them and make everything right in their chaotic life.

We are not saying all women are like that but most in the age group of 15-25 tend to have this soul mate notion. And where oh where do they get this from?

Romantic video: Their role in creating the perfect love and soul mate notion.

So, where do the girls get this idea of perfect love from? Why, by watching their favorite romantic video, movie or short film. Be honest, and think of all the times you have secretly watched Harry Met Sally or 10 things I hate about you or The Notebook.

Romantic Video: The Notebook
Romantic Video: The Notebook

And wished and hoped for a guy like that to come in their lives and solve all their problems.

Closer home remember the craze surrounding the top most romantic actor (who has starred in some of the most beloved romantic video/movie) in the nineties and well into the 21st century-Shah Rukh Khan?

How much in love we all were (and most still are) with the iconic star. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan was able to become such an icon because of his romantic hero status.

Or maybe how, we all have adored Ranbir Kapoor, just because he fits into the image of our new age romantic hero.

Certainly, one can imagine the hysteria among women of all ages for their favorite romantic hero. And no one can definitely forget the hordes of screaming girls that surround these famous romantic heroes (who star in their favorite romantic video/movie) wherever they go.

But of course, nowadays, times are changing. It is not only women who have this dreamy expression on their face when they are in the company of their favorite romantic actor.

Even loads of men have started enjoying and following the romantic genre. They too enjoy watching a nice romantic video or movie now and then.

Times are changing certainly but one can’t deny the reach and popularity of a romantic video or the romance genre per se. But before we discuss this, let us understand the appeal of such movies and videos.

Romantic video/genre is dependent on love. But what is love?

The popularity of a romantic video (or film or romance genre) depends on a simple four letter word which is actually the most powerful entity any person can have-LOVE!

Love as we have discussed is four letter word that carries more weight than even all the 26 letters of the alphabet combined.

But defining love is no easy task. Why may you ask? Well, let us break it down so we can explain better. Love is a feeling, an emotion and the strongest one at that.

And hence, it is difficult to pin it down. Because love like other emotions and feelings is very subjective and depends from person to person.

It can be molded and defined in various ways, each depending on the person talking about it. How to deal with these complexities of love are shown in our favorite romantic video.

Love and its complexities

See, love has diverse forms and intensity levels. They can be as simple as loving a particular toy (for a kid) or the love that you have for your children or partner. In each of these scenarios, love occupies a different form and intensity level.

For a kid, it is an innocent love attached to a toy that makes him/her feel safe or happy. The intensity will differ at different points in time. Like, the intensity will be very high when he/she is small. But the moment he/she starts growing up and becoming teenagers and then adults, the intensity will keep decreasing. Till one day when the feeling is no longer there.

In contrast, the kind of love one has for their parents takes up a different form. It is pure and unconditional love. And the intensity more or less remains the same. You love your children now and will do so till the day you die. No amount of time and distance can change that.

Love and its many forms

So as we can see, love takes up many forms and is quite subjective and often unpredictable.

But what has it got to do with romantic video or movies? Well, love is the main theme of any and every romantic video made. So, love is basically this feeling that we get, when we really care about someone else, their feelings, moods, and happiness etc. Love makes us happier and more joyful, more than anything in the world.

And this feeling of happiness is what every romantic video tries to capture. We all watch our favorite romantic video or movie just so we can recreate this feeling. This feeling of warmth, happiness and of feeling loved.

So, nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether you are a girl/guy, everyone loves to watch their favorite romantic video. So, whether you want to feel loved, or want to celebrate it or even trying to reaffirm your belief in it. Just curl into bed with some popcorn/ ice cream and tune into your favorite romantic video, short film or movie.

Romantic Video/film- watching such videos: how much is too much?

Now, that we have discussed the way watching a romantic movie make us feel.

Let us discuss, whether binge watching our favorite romantic video is advisable or not? Is it good for us or not?

Over-indulgence of anything is never recommended. No matter how much we love watching our favorite romantic movie, over indulgence is not good.

Why, do you ask? Because we start having unrealistic expectations from other people.

When we are repeatedly shown the utmost perfect portrayal of a man, we can tend to think all men are like our favorite romantic hero. Like we all might imagine that the world is full of understanding and great guys like in our favorite romantic film.

For example, imagining all men in the world are like Rahul or like Edward Cullen and other iconic romantic heroes.

But that is so not the case, not true at all. The reality is very different from on screen. On screen, in our favorite romantic video or movie, the characters are exaggerated to appear a perfect specimen.

The way people are portrayed (in our most beloved romantic video or movie) is either in black or white shades. I.e. they are either good or bad.

Romantic Video/movie: Can watching these movies lead to unrealistic expectations?

But that is not the case in reality; all people have both good and bad in them. Good people have a bad side and bad people also have a good side.

But mostly, our most beloved romantic video does not portray people with gray shades. As mentioned earlier, they are either portrayed good or bad.

And this leads to unrealistic expectations from our part. We imagine our partner or relationships to be just as perfect as the ones in our beloved romantic video.

That is actually very unrealistic. And when someone is not able to compete with those expectations, we tend to reject them. Which then leads to disappointment, loneliness and makes us extremely unhappy.

We should just learn to accept and love people for the way they are. And we should not expect unrealistically from them to be more like the hero from our beloved romantic video or film.

So, while watching a romantic movie can make us feel positive, that is a good thing and a bonus. At the same time, watching a romantic video can give us certain unrealistic expectations which can lead to disappointment and loneliness. And that is a bad thing. So like actual people in real life, watching a romantic film can have a mix of both good and bad results.

Romantic movies- Their various types and subgenres

Now, as we know romance as a genre is very popular in cinema. So much so, that it has grown to be humongous. And given birth to many fusions and sub-genres. And who knows, our favorite romantic video might be a part of this sub-genre or fusion. The various sub-genres of the romance genre are:-

  • Romantic Drama like Casablanca or Fault in Our Stars
  • Romantic Comedy like Love Actually or He is Just Not That Into You
  • Historical Romance like Gone With The Wind or Titanic or Mughal-e-azam
  • Romantic Action Comedies like Mr. And Mrs. Smith
  • Romantic Fantasies/Paranormal/ Futuristic like Beauty and The Beast
  • Romantic Thriller/Suspense like The Phantom Of The Opera or Unfaithful
  • Contemporary romance like Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani
  • Time Travel Romance like The Time Traveller’s Wife or Kate and Leopold
  • Romantic Chic Flicks like The Notebook or A Walk To Remember
  • Musical Romance like La La Land

Amongst others


Romantic video/films: How popular are they? A discussion on the iconic status of these movies.

Romance as a genre as we have seen above is hugely popular and has a massive fan following. And because of their popularity more and more people are investing in these movies.

And want to make or star in these videos and movies. Because starring in a hugely popular romantic video or movie can lead to instant stardom.

This can be seen in numerous examples of the years in both Hollywood and the Hindi film industry.

Case in point, the huge stardom enjoyed by actors like Leonardo Di Caprio or Kate Winslet (for the iconic movie Titanic).

Or let us say Meg Ryan (for When Harry Met Sally) or even Hugh Grant (for his role in various Hollywood romantic movies like Notting Hill and Love Actually amongst others).

Closer home, in India we have various examples like Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol (one of the most iconic romantic pair in the history of Hindi Film Cinema).

Or even Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone (examples like Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani or Bajirao Mastani amongst others). All of whom have tasted immense success because of starring in romantic films or romantic video.

Romantic Video/Movie: The Benefits of being part of them.

Featuring in or writing or directing a romantic video or movie can be very beneficial for everybody involved. This can be shown by many examples. Whether it is a Hollywood director like Gary Marshall or actors like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, all of them achieved equal success and appreciation for Pretty Woman.

Closer home, you can take the example of the iconic Yash Chopra, who became the king of producing and directing romantic movies (and your beloved romantic video). He was almost as popular as his main actor Shah Rukh Khan (the king of romance).

Whether it was a Kuch Kuch Hota Hain or a When Harry Met Sally or a Titanic, so many movies have got an iconic status because of their association with the Romance genre.

So, as it can be seen, being associated with a beloved romantic movie can really help your career.

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Our aim here is to support and promote different art forms. We respect them and want to provide a platform to all the artistically talented people out there. So whether you are an actor, director or writer and have a romantic video you would like to share on our platform, go ahead and do so. Just share your video, short film or movie of the romance genre.

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Romantic video: Best in the romance genre

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