Relationship: – Ways to sustain relationship for long


Relationship: – The problem with that is that we never the meaning of happiness; actual contentment. 10 years down the road, you see how it was the fact that everyone didn’t actually wind up with anyone special at all because they do exactly what you did and all a ruse — your despair to settle. Everyone settled. No one waited. And love never arrived. Don’t be. Love could be just around a corner; then it may be light years away.

You need to know that’s all that it must take to keep you waiting for love and that it will find you when the time is right. The man is a Social Animal and needs a relationship with another individual. Now, this relationship can be a dedicated one or it could be a relationship.
Fear of commitment comes into the picture for couples, which need a relationship but do not need to dedicate to it.



Commitment leads to sacrificing one’s time and who has the time these days. Be able to satisfy their diverse needs and such individuals wish to remain. We are living in a busy world where every second is equivalent to a diamond. Time is a dedication and valuable needs effort and time. Now, in a world in which technology is changing in a wink of an eye can someone part?

Each individual needs a person to confide in. That a relationship was created. This person in a relationship can become your wall against all of the odds you’re currently facing. This person will be sitting with you even if the world has shut its doors and windows. That can only come when there is commitment.

Let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of a live-in Relationship.

Speaking about Pros (Benefits) of a live-in Relationship

• A Relationships gives a few an overview of what to expect from one another.
• Get to know each other’s habits and dislikes in person.
If the relationships didn’t work out This provides them a no-regret certification. Dissolving a relationships is easier than dissolving a marriage.

Talking about Disadvantages (Disadvantages) of a live-in Relationships

• Society does not take a live-in school. Such couples should get accustomed to the frowns around them. Such relationships can fizzle once individual hits on a large wall in his/her life Since there is absolutely no commitment involved.
• If a connection does turn into a marriage, there is absolutely no excitement and fun involved cause the person is like a clean slate to the other person in a relationships. Boredom strikes easily.
• Statistics reveal that a few from a life in a relationships feel less healthy and have higher rates of mortality. The reason could be the society, which frowns upon relationships while a couple that is married is better connected to the community.

The best way to survive a live-in Relationship?

So long as there are a few compassionate and affectionate about each other’s needs and feelings. They can test their relationships for a period before they commit to it. A time period given to a relationship will help a couple is aware of which will not lead to the society frowning or boredom upon them and what they desire from one another.

Eventually, commitment should be got by each relationships. That is a healthy living for the couple and it provides their offspring’s a healthy and a happy environment to live. If he/she believes that the connection doesn’t work 27, live-in relationships are there basically
because both or either spouse wants the liberty to call it off. They are probably immersed in several social commitments that don’t allow them to offer commitment and time.


The tell-tale signs of cracks in relationships

So many things about my partner irritate me… maybe I’m not with the ideal person I’ve just met the perfect person… I cannot live any longer with my spouse now This relationships is not going in the direction I want it to… let’s call it quits We do not see eye to eye on children. How can we stay together now?

When the relationships ends, there’s lots of heartache for the entire family, never mind all those things you hear about a friendly separation’, ‘well-adjusted offspring’, ‘we’re mature about the whole issue there are barely any issues and so on. The emotional problems when opting out, you face are quite similar.

Cohabiting partners face a lot of problems. Most couples at relationships savor lack and the freedom of commitments that it entails. This works fine up to a point for the two partners and their kids. Several studies have thrown light.

Generally, married couples are better off financially than stay-at- home couples; though live-in partners have no say in each other’s money matters, married couples are more likely to help the other financially, if need be Girls in live-in relationships suffer more from physical and sexual abuse inflicted by partners than married women.

Children of cohabiting parents are emotionally less mature than children of married partners, they also will not be eligible for financial support from the separated parent. As there is no binding of matrimony and the responsibilities which would entail Cohabiting is considered illegal in some states of the US, although not strictly enforced Jealousy and insecurity are more pronounced among partners because of the lack of commitment that defines the connection.

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  1. Could really relate to this post. well done. I did learn a lot. This will help me in some way or the other for sure. Appreciate someone taking time out and writing about this. I know how it feels to be in a bad relationship. And right now we all need tips to sustain relationships in the long run.

  2. great post. found it to be quite relatable. I like the idea of this sharing platform also. I too am going to make my profile. sounds interesting. will sign up soon and even post. I too am a writer and understand that relationship is a topic that is sometimes difficult to write about. so I would say good work. I like it.

  3. hey all,
    what an admirable post…loved it…came out of a bad relationship…it was in a good one. definitely i agree with a lot of things send in this article. btw, cool concept for ur site will surely try it and would lie to share too. Cheers!

Relationship: – Ways to sustain relationship for long

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