Mystery movies and their awesomeness!

mystery movies
mystery movies

Mystery movies have a diverse compilation of movies that come under it which has in recent times gained worldwide popularity. Mystery movies as a genre have seen a huge surge in investment and reception all over the world.

Like Adventure movies, mystery movies also, usually have a storyline or screenplay that is imaginative, interesting and intriguing. As such, these types of movies more often than not, have various sub plots that render the budget of these movies quite high.

Of late, in fact, it is not only mystery movies that are gaining popularity worldwide. There are also lots of mystery television shows that have become massively successful and gained a huge fan following worldwide.

An example of this is the beloved television show ‘Sherlock’ that has not only become a worldwide sensation but also skyrocketed the career of the main lead of the show ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’.

Similarly, there are many such mystery shows and the list of mystery films that have not only been a hit with the audience; they have also launched the careers of many male and female actors. And on top of that, they have made their investors and producers a bucket, no an ocean full of money.

So what is the reason behind the success of such movies? And what are all the types of mystery movies? What is a mystery? And what is the co-relation between mystery movies and sci-fi movies?

We provide an answer to all these questions one by one in this article. So read on and get an answer for all your bafflement.

Mystery Movies: What is a mystery?

Mystery movies as the name suggests are movies that have a storyline that falls in the genre of mystery. And what exactly is a mystery?

In the very simplest of terms, a mystery is the unknown that we are trying to find like who is behind a crime (like stealing or murder committed) that has taken place in our neighborhood?

Of course, the above question was hypothetical. But in movies and in life there are some instances and circumstances that are baffling. Such instances and circumstances come under mystery.

Mystery, in plain words, is a piece of the puzzle that is unknown to us and that we would like to find and complete the puzzle. These are usually movies with a twist ending.

Popularity of mystery genre

Mystery as a genre has been quite popular since a long time. Whether it has been in books, television shows or movies, the mystery genre has been there for a long time.

In fact, before mystery movies became such a trend, it was mystery books which were basking in the glory. Many famed mystery writers like ‘Agatha Christie’ and ‘Sidney Sheldon’ have been responsible in a big way in bringing mystery movies and the genre to the forefront.

They have popularized the genre of mystery. And then the various types of mystery movies that have been releasing recently have escalated the fame of these mystery movies. As mentioned, mystery movies have combined with some other genres of filmmaking and created a fusion of sub-genres.

One such sub-genre that we will be talking extensively about in this article is the fusion of mystery movies and science fiction movies. This sub-genre fusion as is popularly known nowadays is called mystery sci-fi.

And it is this sub-genre that has become a rage around the world. This will be the main topic that we tackle today in this article.

Mystery movies and science fiction: So what is science fiction?

Mystery movies: The Dark Knight
Mystery movies: The Dark Knight

Science fiction is another genre that has become vastly popular in the recent times. This is probably due to the fact that it plays upon and instigates (and attracts) the imaginative side of the human mind.

Science fiction movies like mystery movies are the mysteries of the universe that often intrigue and confuse us. These are the unknown mysteries of the world that we would like to know and if not then would like to fantasize about.

So whether it is the iconic ‘Star Wars’ series or the stylish ‘Matrix’ series, the sci-fi and mystery movies genre has entertained and given us incredible stories. These stories involve various subplots that can get a bit confusing.

But the thing is that these subplots exercise our brains and make figuring out the mystery, a fun task. We like decoding the various subplots and coming up with theories about why something happened.

Then, of course, there have been multiple debates between fans all over the world. Debates like those about the story lines and content of these sci-fi mystery movies and the characters in it.

Then there are the so-called ‘escapism fantasy phenomena’ in these sci-fi mystery movies that attracts the audiences worldwide. We like to debate over the fantasy and sci-fi plots as if they occurred in reality only because we want to be a part of something so much bigger than us.

These types of mystery movies give us a real adrenaline rush. And these are some of the factors that make these unknowingly haunting movies such a success. There are much more such reasons responsible for the success of these sci-fi mystery movies.

And these reasons along with some more knowledge about sci-fi movies are given below.

Mystery movies: People are attracted to these movies for the following reasons.

We have listed quite a number of reasons for fans to love these sci-fi mystery movies but we will get to that a little later. First, we will discuss some more about the sci-fi mystery genre. See this genre is not only limited to the movie medium only.

It is appreciated and loved on television shows, books, and theater also. Whether you take the example of the ‘Doctor who’ series or the ‘Games of Thrones’ series that has taken the world by storm in recent times all have captured the imagination of the audience worldwide.

Or even take examples of books like the ‘Artemis Fowl’ series; the sci-fi mystery genre has certainly become much followed, revered and an appreciated genre of movies. As we can see from all of the above that it is the mysticism and the want to explore and experience the unknown that attracts us to this genre.

Reasons to watch these movies

So whatever may be the medium, as long as it baffles and keeps our curiosity levels high, we are definitely up for it, right? With that thought lingering in our minds, let us arrange the many reasons to watch mystery movies in bullets format below.

  • Mystery movies get our creative juices and intellectual juices flowing. With us all turning detectives and trying to figure out the mystery before the answer is revealed to us. Remember the number of times we have asked ourselves and each other- ‘Katappa ne Bahubhali ko Kyun Mara tha?’
  • We all like to believe that we are important in some way to the world (which we are, don’t worry). But mostly, that is not very apparent to us. And therefore, we try to look for a validation of our own importance from elsewhere. There is this want to be a part of something bigger than us. This is one of the most important things that attract us to mystery movies.
  • The whole package, in which these movies are presented nowadays, is very attractive and appealing. Hence, the rush at the ticket counters for watching mystery movies.
  • The gripping storylines and screenplay of these movies are, of course, an eye catcher.
  • Even if the previous point is not adhered to in a particular movie, the production cost of the visual effects used in these sci-fi mystery movies is magnificent and colossal. Way to go technology!
  • The characters used are a mix of everything we want them to be. They are regular people like us in their characteristics yet different and unique in their grit.
  • Most of these movies also work on the principle of retaining their core audience. Plus, adding to that by creating a franchise with multiple sequels and prequels. And in each, they try to capture another demographic in addition to the already present.

Mystery movies: Are there any particular consequences of watching such movies like mental side effects or something unusual?

Mystery movies: The Prestige
Mystery movies: The Prestige

Now before we get down to the types of mystery movies in addition to science fiction genre. Let us discuss if there are any particular consequences or adverse effects to watching these mystery movies.

There are a few such so-called side effects that we are going to discuss here. But they don’t necessarily occur in everyone. It depends from person to person. These so called side effects are:-

  • Heard the famous saying- ‘overindulgence in anything is bad for us’. Well, this is the case with watching too many of these movies. Over indulgence in viewing mystery movies might make us feel a part of their world may be to a little too extreme. This can even lead to ‘Delusions of grandeur’. A lot of video games enthusiasts suffer from this too.
  • We can waste oodles of valuable time on trying to figure out the meaningless pieces of the puzzle in these mystery movies.
  • The tendency of some people to take the answers to the questions asked in these movies too literally and they take them right to the heart. If the answer they were debating over isn’t explained properly or defers from their assumptions, it can get a little too disappointing for the fans.
  • Obsession with these mystery movies is a dangerous addiction and side effect of these movies. Sometimes this obsession may make the person oblivious to reality. Which in turn, can also lead to isolation from others and that is harmful.
  • As the saying goes ‘art imitates life’, sometimes life also imitates art. It can happen that some of the dangerous stunts shown in these mystery movies may be copied by avid fans, which can become extremely dangerous. We should definitely avoid such incidents.
  • And lastly, sometimes the explanations given in these movies (which are obviously too far-fetched) may be taken as believable and true by some fans. So there can be a disassociation from reality again.


Of course, all of these things rarely happen and are extremities that are most likely not going to occur. So, don’t take them to heart. And remember, the only thing to remember is that these are just movies and not real. We should just enjoy these movies and not dwell on them.


Famous mystery movies and sci-fi movies and T.V. shows and their storylines and the types of mystery movies

Now the types of mystery movies may defer but no one can deny that their storylines are more often than not brilliant and engrossing. And this is not limited to movies only. Whether it is on television, on stage or even in books, as discussed above, a mystery is a popular and enthralling genre.

So, lets’ first talk briefly about the storylines of these mystery videos/ television shows/books etc. Since it is the mystery genre; some sort of event is bound to happen at the beginning of the story that will set the stage for the rest of the movie/T.V. show etc.

After, the baffling episode that happens, we will be introduced to the person (or persons) who is going to be solving this mystery or fighting the inevitable (basically, the main character)? And then simultaneously or a little later there will be an introduction of the potential villains or suspects.

More on storytelling in mystery

And then solving the mystery and the final triumph happens. In some mystery movies or stories, however, the main protagonists and antagonists are established from the beginning only. And the mystery in these storylines is not the ‘why’ or ‘who’ but the ‘how’.

That is not, who is responsible and why are they doing this? But how are they accomplishing this? That is the main question. And the storyline is, how is the protagonist going to stop the antagonist from completing their evil task?

The latter type of storytelling happens mostly in Sci-fi mystery novels etc.

Now then, lets’ get down to the various types of Mystery movies apart from science fiction. They are:-

  • Horror Mystery
  • Fantasy mystery
  • Thriller Mystery
  • Suspense mystery
  • Romantic mystery
  • Detective/sleuth mystery
  • Historical mystery
  • Political mystery
  • Crime/legal mystery
  • Mystery adventure
  • Supernatural mystery

Mystery Movies and their reception in India: Send your videos to Sharehiss

As we have discussed above, the status of success and worldwide recognition these mystery movies (or T.V. shows etc.) get is immense. And the scenario is pretty much the same in India as well.

Whether it is Hollywood mystery movies and T.V. shows Bollywood, the status enjoyed by them is equally grand. Take the example of the latest ‘Star Wars’ movie or the ‘Bahubhali’ movies (the list of Bollywood movies is also quite exhaustive), both have enjoyed massive success and a cult status here.

And everyone associated with these movies has also become hugely popular. Similarly, you too have a chance to sky-rocket your career by being a part of such mystery movies. You do not need very heavy duty technology or such colossal budgets to make such mystery movies anymore.

Because of the many wonderful and simple editing soft wares available to us with such ease. We can add appealing visual effects to any story we would like to tell. And thanks to the internet, we can showcase it to the world without any dent in our pocket.

And to help you in your career, we are here to help. Share your mystery short films/ videos here. And we will showcase your proud work right here.

So make great mystery videos and share it here and start your journey to be the next mega star.



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Mystery movies and their awesomeness!

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