Kings of dance, share your videos here and help expand the dancing community!

Kings of dance
Kings of dance

Kings of dance, dance your way to the viewer’s heart. If dancing is your passion, profession, pass time or secret dream. So don’t be afraid to dive into it and explore it.

For whatever may be the reason, dancing is a great way to express yourself. Also, have awesome amounts of fun at the same time.

Furthermore, we will help you to showcase your love for dancing to the world. So, don’t let your doubts about your dancing abilities or your shyness prevent or stop you from exploring this beautiful art form.

In addition if you want to be a professional dancer and don’t know where to start, look no further. And don’t hesitate, make a video showing off your immaculate dancing techniques and share here. Then see how your fan following increases.

In addition, all you dancing amateurs who just can’t help but groove to the tune. Just move to the rhythm, go crazy dancing and performing to your heart’s content and you too can share your crazy ride (videos) with us.

For what truly matters, is your love for this art form and how do you want to take this love forward.

So if you have the passion, the zest or the want to perform some dance moves then just do it. Make a video of yourself tripping on your favorite song and share here.

So don’t be afraid to explore this artistic side of you. Get set, get ready, and unleash your bucket of talent and self expression.

For, there is no greater joy than the joy of indulging in your passion and in what you love.  Dance styles are in abundance, so take your pick and start today.

Kings of Dance: Types of dance styles

– Jazz
– hip hop dance
-Belly dance
– salsa
– Flamenco
– other Latin dance forms
– Kathak
– Kathakali etc.

Western or Indian, jazz or Kathak, whatever is your forte or interest go for it and ace it. For what  style you choose doesn’t matter.

But what you do with that choice, that’s what matters. How amazing and dedicated you are, that is what matters.

Whatever may be the dancing style, if you’ve got it then flaunt it, if you’re passionate then show it off, if you love it then immerse yourself in it.

For we are patrons of this great art form. And we don’t give preferential treatment to any particular dance style. But love and celebrate them all equally.

So, no bias, no preferential treatment just love and appreciation from our side for all the different styles. So we don’t focus on our differences but celebrate our togetherness. And uniqueness as a powerful art entity. Together not alone.

Be a part of this community. Come and stand together. And celebrate this beautiful art form together.

Spread happiness to the world by indulging in your passion. And by promoting yourself and this creative art form and celebrating the community together.

Kings of dance
Kings of dance

Kings of Dance: Dance to feel better

Dancing is therapeutic, fascinating, energetic and a great way to unwind too. If you are feeling low, are stressed out and are not in a great place emotionally, dancing will help you relieve your stress and tensions.

Plus, it makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

For dancing, like any other physical activity helps release endorphin which put you in a good mood. Furthermore, it makes you feel better about yourself.

Many a times dancing can be used a s a very productive outlet for self expression and internal turmoil.

Movement and dancing is a very constructive way to channelize all your negative or positive feelings, emotions and energies in the direction that will not only benefit you but also motivate others to follow in your footsteps.

So look to dance to uplift your mood. And share this joyful experience with everyone else as well.

Kings of dance
Kings of dance

Kings of Dance: Share your love for dancing right here

Share your love for dancing by sharing your best dance videos here and become a part of this dancers revolution. Here different dance styles are appreciated and promoted all on the same platform.

Lets’ make dance a creative field to be reckoned with.

And if you feel that you want to explore this amazing talent or passion of yours then don’t hesitate to do so. Participate here, share your videos and comments here on Sharehiss.

Moreover, we will feature all other great artists who you think deserve to be featured on this platform. Do recommend them.

Become a part of this dancing revolution. And take the creative field by storm. Get set, ready. And share!


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Kings of dance, share your videos here and help expand the dancing community!

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