If you want To Become A Better Writer

If you want to become a writer
If you want to become a writer

If you want to become a good writer, prepare for some things. When you first start writing articles, especially in case you have not written much before or lately. It’ll be natural that your articles are not going to flow easily and naturally. That will change as more articles are written by you, especially in case you are making an attempt at reading a correcting your articles, and perhaps even having a friend or family member read them and take their suggestions.

Remember, if you ask a family member or friend to proof something for you, always be appreciative of their help, and do not let them know that you disagree with a comment they have made. You see, they will simply begin to withhold the honest criticism and simply tell you the article looks good if they are afraid you will be defensive when they offer honest criticism. You don’t want that. The better, the more critical. You see, you can always choose to ignore the criticism, but you won’t be able to improve your writing or make the necessary adjustments to become a better writer if you don’t receive it at all.

Another very useful technique for proofreading your own work is to read it out loud, word for word. You see, when you read it silently, you might tend to overlook some small words or prepositions that your brain simply scans over, but a fresh reader would pick them up immediately. By reading it aloud, you will catch a number of your mistakes.

If you want To Become A Better Writer read

Take some time to read online articles by other writers, and make note of the ones you like. What are they doing differently than you are doing? Are they writing less or more, with language that is weaker or stronger, at a higher or lower level? In the event you are a scientist, for example, you may be used to communicating compared to the average person reading your articles at a different level of vocabulary, so you might need to make some adjustments to make your articles more readable.

Look into an online correspondence writing course, if you are genuinely having a difficult time writing at any level whatsoever.

But at the same time, do not allow your lack of writing ability stop you from writing articles. Write and publish at whatever skill level you currently possess, and you will get better over time. Don’t allow the fear of not writing perfect articles stop you from creating a web business or making money online.

If you want To Become A Better Writer: Read or re-read THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE by Strunk & White.

It is practically the Holy Grail of English grammar. Sure, it may seem a little stodgy at times, but the basics never lose their cool.

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If you want To Become A Better Writer
If you want To Become A Better Writer

2. If you want To Become A Better Writer: expand your material

Every writer loves to read, that’s a given. But are you reading a wide span of material? Sure, you can go from reading plays to poetry to novels to short stories to non-fiction. But I’m talking about taking your reading to another level. People tend to gravitate to ideas and people in which they already agree. So, for example, if you’re a “liberal,” why not read a few issues of a “conservative” magazine or newspaper and vice-versa? The purpose isn’t to get you to agree with an opposing viewpoint, but to look at it from another point of view. And differing points of view will add depth to your knowledge base, and thus, your characters.

3. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Allow yourself to write a crappy first draft.

It’s the secret of every writer. Without criticising yourself just get the thoughts on the page. Editing will come later. Many people are worried about failing that they never try something. How easy would it be to write if you KNEW your first draft would stink? It takes the pressure off so that you can have more fun putting words on the page.


4. If you want To Become A Better Writer remember Writing is re-writing.

No one writes a perfect first draft. Now is the time to introduce your critical mind once the thoughts are on the page in a semblance of structure. So what does a reader be told by a piece littered with misspellings? Probably the author was lazy, or at least, rushed. Do you want to read the material of a lazy author? It is like a meal that is great, yet drinking out of plastic cups. The presentation is as important as content.

5. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Let your piece of writing sit still, in the event you have the time.

If possible, don’t look at it for a few days. When you return to it that way, you’ll approach it with a fresh eye.

6. If you want To Become A Better Writer Occasionally read your material out loud.

Great writing has its rhythm of its own. Sentences shouldn’t be too long, nor too short. If you’re reading and you’re bored on your own material out loud, then how are your readers expected to feel?

7. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Keep a pad of paper close to your bed.

I often get ideas, even supposing it’s just a turn of a phrase when I am about to go to sleep. And I always think I Will Remember the idea in the morning, but alas, I hardly do. I jot down the ideas and force myself out of my slumber that is comfortable and I am usually grateful I did in the morning.

8. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Be yourself and have fun.

(This may not, however, apply to some writing styles, e.g. corporate or technical writing.) When writing, you are metaphorically putting yourself on the page – your style, your humour. When people read your piece, there should be a sense of “you.” How can you be “you” if you’re not having any fun or mimicking someone else’s style?

9. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Get feedback.

Even professional writers get feedback from other professional writers or editors. In the event the professionals – people who are paid to write – get feedback, why not you?

10Maybe your goal is not to become a “professional” writer. Maybe you just want to hone your skills. Fine. Regardless of what the desire, start thinking of yourself as a writer. The more seriousness you bring to the craft of writing, the more you’ll intend to get better and uphold the phrase, “Yes, I ‘m a writer.”

If you want To Become A Better Writer: 7 Tips on How to Become a Better Writer

Let’s face it, almost everyone can improve their writing and become a better writer. Here are some tips to help you improve your writing style so that your readers get more value from the things you write, whether they are articles like this one, essays, reports at work or books that are complete.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Take time to plan

Planning what you are going to write will show through in the finished work. It is going to be more structured and there won’t be gaping holes in it where you’ve forgotten to include points that are important.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Make sure that you read

You will not pick up the tricks that they use to hold your attention, in the event you do not expose yourself to other writers.

When you do read, ask yourself what it is about the item that either sends you to sleep with boredom or almost rivets you to the page. Then figure out how you can incorporate more of the style that is good for your work and less of the academic drone.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Grammar and punctuation count, usually

A lot depends on who your target audience is but, as a general rule, you should pay at least some attention to grammar rules and you need to definitely ensure that any punctuation is used correctly.

Apart from anything else, wrongly punctuated work is an eyesore. A missing or wrongly placed apostrophe just looks wrong on the page. Using commas instead of full stops is sloppy. So take care to go back through your work and double check your punctuation.

Most word processors have a grammar checker that will give you a good “first pass” on whether your grammar is up to scratch or not.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Read it out loud

For anything critical, this is essential.

Reading your work out loud will immediately tell you where things aren’t quite right. There’s an issue with the structure, in the event you stumble. If you miss words, check whether that is you being lazy when you read or whether the missing words deserve to be on the last item.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Keep interruptions to a minimum

You may not be able to banish outside influences completely but the more you can minimise disruptions, the better your work will be.

If you’re always allowing your writing to be interrupted by phone calls, other people or even just checking emails the continuity in your work will go to pieces and then you’ll lose your place.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Expand your vocabulary

You do not have to digest a dictionary or thesaurus to be able to do this. You might even accomplish it just by reading wider.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Do your research

There’s nothing worse than waffling around your subject rather than taking several minutes to check that any facts and figures you’re going to quote are actually correct.

If you want To Become A Better Writer: Online Grammar Guide

As a writer, you probably have a certain amount of pride over your writing skills. However, sometimes you just have to acknowledge there are a few areas where your writing skills are a bit wanting. It is not something to be ashamed of. Even the best writers who have been working in the content writing/blog writing or any other writing niche make grammar mistakes. It is probably safe to say that it is something that every writer shares.

To help you with your grammar problems, consider an online grammar guide to help you with your compositions. The guide can help you keep an eye on all the grammar rules that you have to follow to make your composition clear, concise and human-readable. Using such a guide can actually help you become a better writer in case you just give it a try. Here are a few benefits of it.

If you want To Become A Better Writer
If you want To Become A Better Writer
  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Spelling and Grammatical Correctness

The included software will not just help you keep your grammar in check, it can also detect any spelling mistakes that you make. Grammatical mistakes are one of the biggest pitfalls of writers, even bigger and potential more serious than spelling mistakes. Grammar mistakes can be detected by the engine that is checking for you. Spelling mistakes are usually the result of having your fingers flying every which way on the keyboard as you try to catch up on the deadline. It is important to remember that you ought to always check the changes that the grammar software wants to make. Contextual analysis is a weakness for grammar guides.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Improved Structure and Style

A common mistake resulting from rushing a document is a jumbled sentence structure. An online grammar checker can help you keep your sentence and paragraph structure orderly and easy to read and understand. It can also help you improve your writing style as well by suggesting alternative words or sentences to the ones that you have typed.

  1. If you want To Become A Better Writer: Faster, More Efficient Writing

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a grammar guide is that it helps you become a writer that is much more efficient and faster. Among the ways that you get when you are writing slowed down is when you have to check and recheck your work to find out if you made any mistakes. With an online grammar guide, the guide can do this for you.

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If you want To Become A Better Writer

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