How To Make Money Online

how to make money online

10 Websites Where You Can Earn Money By Following Easy Steps

How to make money online: – You have dreamed of living life on your own terms and that could become a reality when you understand how to make money freelancing online. You pay off your students loans can now save for your future, choose that vacation and live life. But where do you begin? How do you figure out the first steps in making money freelancing online?

how to make money online
how to make money online

Getting started is never easy but you simply need to take the plunge. Sooner or later you’ll begin swimming just like all the others. Here are some pointers to assist you. Pick a good freelance website Learning how to make money online by freelancing online is simple once you kick-start your career.

Find a site which provides a free membership so you can have a good look around. Check. That will give you an idea if you’ll find work in the long term. Examine the rates they offer as your objective is to learn how to earn money freelancing online. Many people have the question how to make money online. So here is the answer how to make money online.

Create a winning profile

Keep in mind, making money online is easy once you creatively introduce the world and yourself. Employers wish to outsource to freelancers who’ve taken the time to create a marketable profile. Freelance websites let you add education information a picture, experience, certifications and lots more.

Upload a portfolio

It is unlikely that you’ll learn how to earn money freelancing online unless employers see a portfolio of your work that is past. Create a few samples so that they can check for quality. A portfolio will help them realize your quality of work. So you can begin earning money as a freelancer as quickly as 19, add as many components as possible.

Keep trying

Price your services low to start with so you can focus on building experience and referrals. Ask for a testimonial employers will be motivated to send you work and as it will do wonder. When you understand how to make money online from freelancing , there’s a world of opportunity right at your fingertips. You can live the life you’ve wanted both for your loved ones and you.

You might be suffering from information overload if you are new to trying how to make money online. A lot of it does not really work, although there’s a whole lot of information about making money online. There are just a few websites that I can show you to get you started if you are seriously interested in earning an income from home.

1. If you can write an article you can make money. 1 website where you can accomplish this is Suite101. You will get to know that how to make money online from the articles that you post on the website, once accepted. Since the income you make is from advertising clicks, how to make money online monthly?, even if you don’t post anything new. This is a form of income. You aren’t going to make a fortune on this site, but you might have the ability to pay your mobile phone bill.

2. Another good writing site that you may try is Constant Content. On this site, you upload your posts and then you place a price tag on them. If someone comes along who’s interested in your article. You share the profit with the website, but they do the work.

3. If writing isn’t your thing, you can try out On Fiverr, you can list gigs that you would be happy to do for 5 dollars. It should be something which you could easily do in 30 minutes so that it is going to be worth your time. However, you must also figure out something which you can do that is valuable to your customer.

Here’s a collection of 6 of the best freelance websites on the internet. Freelancing is the best way to make money especially. Freelancers can do things from writing to graphic design to computer programming into dropping off packages in nearby regional communities and still earn money even if jobs locally aren’t hiring.

how to make money online
how to make money online

Freelancers are usually hired by small to large business owners who wish to grow their business without having to take the responsibility of hiring an employee. This is great for the small to the big business owner and both the freelancer.

For the freelancer, you now are an independent contractor which means you work for yourself. For your employer, they no longer have some responsibilities. Ensuring a worker is paid by them weekly even when something such as a recession happens.

If you want to become an online freelancer here are some sites. On all six of these websites, projects are submitted on how much they’d charge for the job and salespeople quote. It is up to the company/person posting the job. Money is sent either with PayPal or website escrow to ensure a transaction between freelancer and webmaster.

Following are the websites by which you may know how to earn money online?

The best freelance websites


ICanFreelance is. The work compared to freelancers makes it easy to find freelance work. A quotation system is worked on by it and is free to record projects for the employer. I’ve found great results and see it becoming one of the best in the coming months

5 )

Guru is the best and greatest freelance site out there. They have a lot of freelancers and have a lot of jobs. Because of the number of jobs listed per day finding a job might take some time but if you keep trying you will find work.


Elance is a website to earn some money from home. It has a lot of projects posted daily and you can really bring in some income with its interface that is easy to use.


Rentacoder deals with website developers and programmers. Then try this site out, if you have skills anywhere.


This site has committed itself to freelancers by forums and offering articles to help newcomers enter the arena of freelancing.


This is pretty much exactly but one thing which allows it to stand out is that it lets you sell the scripts that you’ve written making it possible for you to generate passive income.

10) GetAFeelancer

Established: February 2004
Get A Freelancer is a global outsourcing alternative and freelance jobs website. Here you can discover programmers, writers, freelance coders, designers, marketers and more. You can also outsource projects and save plenty of money in the process. Finding the best web design programming, custom writing or inexpensive marketing has never been easier! Here your question how to make money online? had been answered.

Best Feature

No commissions on projects for the whole month if You’re a gold member only for $12 In this recession, tasks are currently laying off and the prices for things are more expensive than ever. Finding yourself that right freelance work on the side is more essential even as you’ve got a job or not. If you need more income. Freelancing may be among the best ways.

how to make money online
how to make money online

There are a lot of sites on the worldwide web. A Whole Lot of freelancers question whether these sites are scams or a Great way of getting clients. The larger and most recognized Freelance websites (such as,, o desk, and are without a doubt. Not scams and have thousands of registered freelancers and buyers signed up to them. They have a high volume of payments every day with a lot of repeat business.

If you have to sign up to a paid account and it is advisable to carefully check them before signing up smaller sites may or may not be scams.

How freelancer sites work

Although all sites have their terms and conditions and are different they are essentially a method of linking companies or individuals that wish to outsource some work with suppliers.

The buyer posts a job on the Website
Interested service providers bid on the project
The clients sort through the bids and selects a freelancer
Terms and conditions
The Freelancer does the work
The buyer pays for the work

Buyers can normally leave comments on the character of support and the work. The supplier can also leave feedback about the buyer. Sites have a payment protection system in place like Escrow. The client deposit money in an Escrow account before work starts. The provider submits it and completes the job. The money in the account is released to the freelancer. If the freelancer does not submit the job, the client gets the money back.  It’s dealt with by intermediaries if there is a dispute.

How Freelance sites Earn their cash

The websites earn their profit by charging a fee for the account (Though many sites have free accounts options, which offer a limited service to the freelancer. Either in a number of bids they can make in a month or the sorts of jobs they could bid on). Most sites charge an administration fee per job. When placing a bid on a 17, this differs from site to site and should be taken into consideration.

Freelance sites have an area for the freelancer giving information of qualifications, expertise and the services they supply.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Freelance websites

 You have access to clients from all over the world who are currently looking to outsource some task

 You have a place online to present your services without the expense of setting up your own website

 Feedback from happy buyers is assembled in testimonials that can be quoted to potential clients elsewhere


 You’re competing with freelancers from all over the world, many from countries with very low, cost of living, who can afford to underbid on jobs

 It can take time to receive your first client without any feedback

 Any negative feedback from dissatisfied customers is permanent and may be found by potential buyers.

So, this is all about how to make money online with the help of these websites.

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