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Good drama
Good drama

Good drama really uplifts one’s spirits. Watching good drama movies can be a very cathartic experience. It is almost like having a plate of a hot meal cooked perfectly and served well.

If we are served stale and expired food which lacks flavor and taste, we are hugely disappointed. Similarly, if a drama movie or video is not made well, lacks a proper storyline and doesn’t elicit appropriate emotions (like crying or laughing) at the right time, then we feel cheated.

Its’ like we anticipate to watch something great. But end up being horribly disappointed. It is like having candy taken away from a kid.

On the other hand, if we end up watching a good drama movie or video, our emotions are uplifted and heightened.

We cry, laugh and go through a variety of diverse emotions in a short span of time. It can be emotionally draining but cathartic as well. It can really help us release stress. And it puts us in a great mood.

Like eating a well-made meal puts us in a great mood. We get the same level of satisfaction.

What is drama? 


Drama is a part of our everyday life. As human beings, we are predisposed and attracted to a certain degree of drama. It can be helpful like a good drama or create humongous obstacles like a bad drama.

But one thing that we can all agree is that drama is an essential part of our lives. We can’t run from it nor can we escape it. So we might as well accept it. But not all drama has to be bad.

Drama can be good and helpful too. Moreover, good drama helps to motivate and inspire us. In addition, to making us feel more empowered with dealing situations.

What is good drama?

So, what is good drama? It is basically the kind of drama that makes us better human beings. How may you ask? Let us take an everyday situation as an example.

The Certain positive banter between family members for things like, which car to buy or where to vacation can actually help.

As they will definitely, come to a solution which is suitable for everyone in the family. And is also, most beneficial for the family. As everyone will individually research the best car or best vacation spot and ask everyone’s opinion.

And then come to an in sync decision together. In the process, some drama was created, but in the end, everything was resolved amicably.

And it was beneficial also. So, you created a joyful environment from the drama by purchasing something or going somewhere that evoked happiness for everyone.

Also, everyone felt empowered by being a part of the decision-making process. So, this can be used as an example of good drama.


Good drama and its impact- How much people enjoy it?

As mentioned above, watching good drama movies or videos can be very cathartic. It can also be a great way to forget our worries. And of course, watching good drama is a great way to pass the time as well.

We tend to have our own share of drama in life. And not all of it is good or puts us in an uplifting mood. Some of it is bad and really drains our energy.

So when we see others go through the same kind of drama on the screen, it is like having an outlet for our frustration.

We associate ourselves with these characters and identify with them. That is the reason we cry and laugh along with them as we are associating them with us.

And once, we have released the required emotions, we feel so much lighter and better. That is the reason why we enjoy watching good drama movies or videos.

Drama as a genre for filmmaking has been popular for the longest time. Most of the movies that have been a hit or iconic have had the drama genre.


 The different types/sub-genres of drama

Hollywood or Bollywood, the drama genre is definitely huge and very popular and lucrative too. Over the years, drama as a genre has become huge and widespread. So much so, that it now encompasses other genres in it. We’ll talk about it after understanding the sub-genres and types of drama.

Movies as stated above love the drama genre so much so, that we have a host of sub-genres for drama. They range from comedy to tragedy.

You name it and it is there.

So, in the drama galaxy now there are multiple sub-genres. And what are these different sub-genres of drama? They are:-

  • Comedy Drama like Fight Club and Forrest Gump
  • Tragedy Drama like Titanic and Devdas
  • Crime Drama like The Godfather
  • Historic or period or Epic Drama like Lincoln and Gladiator
  • Action/Adventure Drama like Rocky
  • Horror Drama like Oculus
  • Docudrama like Zodiac
  • Psycho Drama like Ordinary people
  • Melodrama like Rain Man
  • Fantasy Drama like Chronicles of Narnia
  • Sports drama like Jerry Maguire
  • Social Drama like Baghban and American Beauty
  • Legal Drama like Kramer Vs Kramer or Philadelphia
  • Political Drama like The American President
  • Media related Drama like The Year of Living Dangerously or Spotlight
  • Romantic Drama like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or Kuch Kuch Hota Hain amongst others
  • Musical Drama like La La Land


Popularity of the drama stream on Stage and short films

The drama genre has had a great impact not only in movies. Drama is the genre of choice for many theater productions and short films as well.

Acting or any type of an art is an imitation of life. We depict what we see, feel and do. Now as we have discussed earlier drama (good drama or bad) is an essential and important part of our life.

It takes place in the smallest of ways like finishing the exam paper in the last two minutes. Or have to send in a report with the deadline approaching. Or something big like deciding the person you are going to marry.

Drama is a part of things ranging from small situations to huge ones. And because it is a big part of our lives, it is a favorite subject of depiction in many art mediums.

If we are talking about theater, the drama is a very popular genre used. And the various storylines depicted on stage take inspiration from different types of drama.

Different types of good drama

Multiple plays are written on historical drama, political drama, sartorial drama and romantic drama. And theater also takes an opportunity to spread awareness about many social evils through the help of the drama genre.

Hence, the biggest attraction for street plays has always been social dramas. And these good drama plays are not only hugely popular but also very informative and sensitive.

Adopting social drama as the main theme for various theater and street play productions is the norm. And hence, accepted and appreciated worldwide.

Similarly, for short films also drama is a beloved genre. Many docudramas, melodramas, crime dramas and legal/courtroom dramas storylines are used and favored in short films.

So, an essentially good drama is beloved everywhere. The drama genre is popular in art never mind the medium.


Most Loved sub-genre of good drama-Tragedy


Now, as discussed above, the drama has enjoyed the status of being hugely popular.

But good drama’s biggest fan following comes from the sub genre ‘Tragedy’.

Tragedy drama has been the most loved, revered and followed throughout the ages. It is the sole reason why drama as a genre became so cherished and celebrated. And even now, it is one of the chief reasons that drama has retained its adored quality.

It all started long ago with iconic Hollywood and Bollywood Tragedy dramas. We will take up each of them separately.

Hollywood since the time of its inception has included drama as its main genre. Throw in a dramatic storyline and end it with a tragedy has been the main staple for good drama in Hollywood since time immemorial. Many of Hollywood’s iconic movies have been tragedy drama movies.

Case in point, the hugely celebrated and mega blockbuster, Titanic, that swept the hearts of the viewers.

It made us cry, laugh, dream, giggle, feel loved and cry a lot more. This movie completely engaged us emotionally and left a mark.

Iconic Good Drama movies

Titanic is a classic example of falling in love with the genre of drama. There have been multiple other iconic good drama films which were tragedies like Brokeback Mountain, Revolutionary road, Philadelphia, the Schindler’s list amongst so many more.

Each of them has been iconic, celebrated, and popular and has a huge following.

In Bollywood too, drama as a genre has been used and beloved since a long time. But tragedy drama has been the most sought after and popular genre since a long time till now.  Movies ranging from the iconic Mughal-e-azam and Anand to Baghban and recently, Omkara and Haider are exemplary examples of tragedy drama.

These films have been iconic trendsetters in Bollywood. They have made massive amounts of money for their investors and have a massive fan following and cult status till now.

In conclusion, Tragedy has definitely been a staple for good drama in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Drama are some of the most awarded and celebrated genres of films

Nowadays, it is not only tragedy that is a hugely popular sub-genre of good drama. Other sub-genres of drama have become vastly popular and are in huge demand now.

Everything from romantic dramas to historical dramas to crime dramas to comedy dramas has become hugely popular. In fact, each of these sub-genres of good drama has its own following. There have been some very good drama movies both in Hollywood and Bollywood of different drama sub-genres.

Moreover, because of the colossal pool of good drama movies (that are hugely popular and lucrative) being made, it has led to an interesting trend. Many drama movies have been the recipient of various prestigious awards both in India and outside.

They have won everything from the Academy Awards (Oscars) to Filmfare back home multiple times over the years. And all the sub genres of drama have been recipient of these award whether it is Romantic Drama (Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge and The Reader) to Tragedy drama (like Titanic and Devdas) to even Historic Drama (like Gladiator and Bajirao Mastani).

Acceptance of Good drama

So, good drama movies with different and varied storylines are being made. And they are being accepted and basking in the appreciation as well. In fact, nowadays good drama movies are made which are vying to create Oscar (or other awards) buzz from the pre production stage itself.

And if a good drama becomes a hit, then it automatically starts creating Oscar buzz.

Also, acting in good drama movies have given made male and female actors huge stars by giving them the recognition they deserved. Whether you take the example of Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep etc.

Good Drama: Tom Hanks
Good Drama: Tom Hanks

Or closer home we can take examples of Meena Kumari or Shah Rukh Khan or even Irfan Khan. Doing good drama has made massive superstars of such talented artists.

Plus, all of this shows the popularity and worldwide reach of good drama movies and videos.

Good Drama: Shah Rukh Khan
Good Drama: Shah Rukh Khan

Share your Videos with us: Our Motto at Sharehiss

And here at Sharehiss we recognize and salute such talented female and male artists. We all know that drama is a hugely beloved and followed genre.

And that any and every actor or technician who tries their hand at this genre is talented. And therefore, deserves a chance to showcase his/her talent to the world. For the same, we would like to provide you all with that platform.

Do share your videos or short films of drama (good drama, not to forget) genre with us. Whether, you are an actor, director or writer- anyone can share their videos with us. Just share your videos with us here.

And we promise to promote and support you to the best of our abilities. For we believe in promoting new and talented artists. And helping them get the glory and admiration they deserve.

You deserve to showcase your talent to the world. And we are here to help you do just that.



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Good drama videos: The Best dramatic videos

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