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Fantasy movies, though originally thought to be solely for kids, have in recent time expanded their business to attract a wider demographic. Fantasy movies are no longer vehicles of entertainment just for the little ones; they are a medium of entertainment for fans of all ages.

The market for fantasy movies has increased because of this increase in the demographic of the viewership. Nowadays, everyone from a teenager to someone in their 20s to someone in their 30s likes to watch these movies and wait for the next one to come out.

This is primarily due to a change in the storylines and screenplays of these fantasy movies. And the introduction of some adult themed scenes or language used in these movies.

Also, these fantasy movies are now presented to us, the audience in a new, stylish, and revamped version which is both attractive and hard to resist. Like the list of thriller films or science fiction films that are really popular, there is a long list of fantasy films that have become a popular feature with audiences everywhere.

The popularity of these fantasy movies is shown by the massive amount of box-office business they do. Lets’ take the example of ‘The Avengers’ series, it is one of the highest grossing series ever. In fact, the second installment in the series-‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ was the highest grossing movie of 2015 making around $459,005,868 worldwide. Wow!

Another reason for such a massive increase in the viewership of these fantasy movies is because of the increasing investments in these movies. Since ‘Marvel’ has taken over the reign of all these superhero fantasy movies, the frequency of such movies releasing every year has gone way up.

Also, the types of fantasy movies that we are introduced to every year has also become diverse. Fantasy movies as discussed earlier are no longer only superhero movies made for only kids.

Now, before we discuss further the different types of fantasy movies, let us dwell a little deeper into the subject of what are fantasy movies after all?


What are fantasy movies?

Fantasy movies earlier were just known to us a ‘superhero movies’ meant to target the kids demographic. However, because of the evolvement of the storylines and in our acceptance for a wide variety of topics, these movies have flourished.

As stated above there has been an increase in our acceptance of various subjects tackled in these movies. This has given a chance to the writers to explore more. And for us, this has led to getting a diverse range of gripping stories.

For example, now we accept animated movies as part of fantasy movies genre. As well as, we even accept a villain as a central and main character of a movie. And we tend to accept an ‘anti-hero’ as ‘the hero’ of the film.

Case in point-wolverine’ from the ‘X-Men’ series, is a character that has anger issues, is wild like an animal, is rough around the ages and we happily accept and root for him in the famous ‘X-Men’ franchise.

Another remarkable point about these movies that mirrors what we have also mentioned in our previous article on mystery movies. And that is the point of how these fantasy movies have capitalized on the success of one movie by turning it into a franchise.

Like the list of science fiction films that have become franchises, we have various examples of the list of fantasy films that have also become franchises. Examples of these are the ‘X-Men’ series and the ‘Iron Man’ series etc.

Another thing as mentioned above is, these fantasy movies even though still tell the tales of superheroes or fairy tales, they do so with a twist. And the twist is usually more mature and much grittier (sometimes even violent) which helps them to expand beyond just restricting them to the kids demographic.


Differences between the science fiction/Mystery genre and Fantasy movies genre

Now we often confuse between fantasy movies and science fiction or mystery movies. The truth is that sometimes there are movies that overlap and fall under both categories. For example, ‘The Dark Knight’ series falls under both these categories. So it is a pretty normal and obvious mistake to make.

So then, how do we differentiate between the two genres? How to decide which film falls under what category? – Fantasy movies? -Or Mystery movies?

See mostly fantasy movies have come under the ‘superhero’ and ‘fairy tales’ category. Fantasy movies usually stem from some children’s stories or books or stories with a little magical element attached to them.

Whether you take the example of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or the ‘Harry Potter’ series, they both have been based on children’s story or books. The major difference between science fiction or mystery movies and fantasy movies or Television shows is that mostly these fantasy videos are inspired or worked upon from already given source material.

Source material of these movies

That is, these movies or videos or television shows are mostly based on books or stories that we are already aware of and have an idea about. The difference is the package in which these movies are presented to us and the creative liberties taken with them.

For example, while ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is based on the kids’ story of the same name, the 2010 movie was treated very differently from the norm. That is, it had loads of elements that were not fit for kids to see and catered to a more adult demographic.

So, while it was a kids’ story, it wasn’t made to be shown to them. It was presented in a way so as to target a wider audience. Whereas a science fiction or mystery movie is mostly not based on any already written story or source material (and definitely not a kids’ story or fairy tale) and is more original. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

Fantasy movies: The allure of Magic

Fantasy Movies: Harry Potter
Fantasy Movies: Harry Potter

Another added extra element in these fantasy movies is the element of magic used. Even if these movies are not based on any particular ‘fairy tale’ or ‘kids’ story. The use of magic definitely sets them apart. Even movies that might have more realistic elements in the story can be turned into a fantasy movie with just a touch of magic.

Take the example of the movie ‘Tooth Fairy’, though it is based on the concept of the tooth fairy and not really a proper story or book, it comes in this category. Also, though the premise might be of the fantasy genre, the story starts in a very realistic setting. It is only with the introduction of magic, that the story gets catapulted to the fantasy genre.

So, both of these types of genre, whether fantasy or science fiction, are nonetheless, equally gripping and much in demand nowadays.

Fantasy genre: Beyond just movies and onto other visual mediums

As discussed, there has been a rise in people watching and enjoying the fantasy genre worldwide. There are multiple reasons for this that we will discuss under the next subheading. Right now, we will talk a little bit about the reach of fantasy genre beyond movies.

You see, nowadays it is not only fantasy movies that provide us a fill for our fantasy appetites. The fantasy genre has now spread over to other mediums as well. Whether it is television shows or theater or short-films, fantasy as a genre has grown from strength to strength.

And of course, there has been an increased influx in the medium from which it came in the first place. Yes, we are talking about the fabulous medium of books. The fantasy genre initially originated from books, gained popularity, before getting immortalized on the big screen.

And now, once again more and more books are being written with the fantasy genre kept in mind. So all in all, the genre of fantasy is spreading and becoming famous everywhere (in all mediums).

So, let us look at each medium (besides fantasy movies) one by one and discuss the audience demographic they target. First, we take a look at television shows that have gained popularity and audiences alike. Many television shows like ‘The Sleepy Hollow’ or ‘Supernatural’ have become hugely popular and beloved television shows.

Fantasy Genre: Following trends

Then, of course, there are shows which have originally started as following a trend or a fad, but went on to create mass hysteria and get an iconic status. Examples of such shows are shows on ‘Vampires’ or ‘Zombies’, both of which were more of a trend or fad than anything else.

And these trends gave birth to multiple beloved shows like ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Walking Dead’, and ‘The Originals’ etc. And all of these shows have done really well for themselves around the world. The main audience demographic for these shows is teenagers to people in their twenties.

Though, there have been instances, where people much beyond the twenties and thirties have watched these shows. Next, we come to books. Now, as we know books based on the fantasy genre have been written since a long time now.

Whether it is the ‘Harry Potter’ series or the ‘Artemis Fowl’ series, the fantasy genre has been a hit in books since forever. And these books though, again target the age group of teenagers and people in their early twenties. However, a good book is never wasted on an avid reader.

And then, the genre of fantasy has been increasingly gaining strength on stage and in short films as well. The demographic in them differs from story to story. All in all, no one can deny the allure of the fantasy genre whether it is in fantasy movies, television shows, books, theater, or short films.

Fantasy Movies: Types of Fantasy

Now, before we understand the reasons for the appeal of these fantasy movies. Let us understand and talk about the different types of fantasy movies. As discussed above, the fantasy genre has really exploded on us in recent times.

And therefore, the sub-genres or sub-categories (or fusions) used in these movies has also increased. There is a diverse range of movies that come under the fantasy genre nowadays. So let us see the different types of fantasy films that the movie industry offers us. These are:-

  • Sci-fi Fantasy
  • Fantasy horror/supernatural fantasy
  • Thriller Fantasy
  • Romantic fantasy
  • Children’s fantasy movies
  • Superhero fantasy
  • Fantasy action
  • Adventure fantasy
  • Fairytale fantasy
  • Epic fantasy

Famous Fantasy Movies and their reception all over the world

Fantasy Movies: The X-Men
Fantasy Movies: The X-Men

After discussing the types of fantasy movies, let us ponder a bit over the how well received these fantasy movies are. We know that the influx of fantasy as a genre has increased in all visual mediums as mentioned above.

But how has the reception been? Well, not only has the market for fantasy movies, television shows etc. expanded, it has, in fact, exploded. Fantasy movies have become one of the main sources of earning for the movie industry. These movies go on to do huge business but not only in many millions.  In fact, they have known to do business in billions of dollars worldwide.

These fantasy movies have gone on to break records in earnings worldwide. And the top 10 list of the highest (movie) grosser in the world is dominated by the fantasy genre. Whether it is ‘Avatar or ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘The Lord of the Rings’ franchise, they all were successful. And each of them has earned a colossal amount at the box-office.

Similarly, most of the shows with the highest TRPs on television are fantasy based. Sure, the budget and scale of these movies are huge, but so are the gains from making these fantasy movies and television shows.

Fantasy movies: why we like them? And share your fantasy videos on Sharehiss

Now, let us get down to the reasons we love watching such fantasy shows or fantasy movies. And understand the various reasons these movies are such a hit.

These various reasons we will discuss briefly below.

  • These movies are a way to escape into our fantasies and dreams. They feed on the subconscious dreams and fantasies we have as kids and present them to us in a marvelous package.
  • How these movies include real emotions into the fantasy storylines, help us to connect with them more.
  • They are a great pass time. If you are feeling bored, a fantasy film is definitely a cure.
  • If you are feeling low, even then a fill of fantasy movies can be a very fun way to cheer you up.
  • They cater to the little child, the little dreamer in us.
  • These fantasy movies, in comparison, make our problems look so small and inconsequential, even if it is for just 2-3 hours.
  • And lastly, the hours of animated discussions that we can have with other fantasy movies enthusiasts about their plots is a definite plus (that make us feel like a part of something more).

So, if you also are a fantasy movies enthusiast, or a great actor or writer or director (you get the gist) and have made a fantasy video or short film, then do share it with the world.

Just share your videos, images and posts here. And we will display your awesome video to the world. You can like, share and comment here on this platform.



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