Drama juniors and seniors: All actors, share your videos here.

Drama juniors and seniors
Drama juniors and seniors

Drama juniors and seniors we can all agree that acting is one of the most artistic professions in the world. As well as one of the best ways to express who you are. Being an actor is a highly rewarding but an incredibly difficult profession to break into.

Drama juniors and seniors: Acting, luck and the road less traveled

Drama juniors or seniors, anyone who has tried their hand at acting in a professional way knows what we are talking about. Long queues, endless auditions, a stiff and huge amount of competition, insecurities, little to no work and the constant uncertainty of whether or not you’ll get a role and if you do whether that role will be all that you dream of.

It is truly a challenge to have the patience to wait for that one role that you wish to play. And till then continue to do the boring and monotonous types of roles that give you no satisfaction.

For it is not only talent and hard work that guarantees success in this business. Luck too plays a major role in how far ahead you will make in this profession.

Alas, acting as a profession requires a lot of struggle. And it is truly challenging to break into this tough profession.

Drama juniors and seniors: New direction to fame

Drama juniors youtube and seniors, know this that acting has seen a new light and direction with the advent of the internet, youtube and other social media platforms.

Where you can explore your acting talent by working in the smaller scale of films (short films and videos etc.) and web series etc.

And by sharing them with various public and social media platforms.

By doing so, you not only get to enjoy a lot of fame but this also satisfies you creatively. Also, when you make a film or video on a smaller scale you have more of a control over your role. And how well you are portrayed which is an added advantage.

You have seen many celebrities born because of the internet. As they have finally got a voice and platform to showcase their talent and so can you.

Drama juniors and seniors
Drama juniors and seniors

Drama Juniors Videos: Promote yourself here

 Make a video, short film, monologue or just shoot one scene and share it on all these platforms. As well as on Sharehiss, for we are a hub for all types of artists especially actors and it is our aim and honor to promote as much great talent as we can.

We are here to give a voice and platform to your talent. And trust us, there is nothing stopping you from becoming the next internet sensation. And truly getting all the glory and fame you want and deserve.

Just share your video here and see your fame rise.

Drama Juniors and seniors: Acting, the form of self-expression

Drama Juniors and seniors, amateurs or professionals remember, acting is a very healthy and constructive way to express your deep seated emotions and feelings. So what if you don’t want to be the next best thing in acting, but love the art of portraying different characters in a story on screen as a hobby and passion.

You too can make videos, short films etc. and share on our platform for we respect anyone with a passion for acting. Moreover, you can have an interactive session with others who post their videos. As well as with viewers who watch your videos.

You can like, comment and share others videos and read what others have written about you. And you can do all this at Sharehiss. So whether you are drama juniors or seniors, professional or passionate actor, everyone is welcome here to share with the world their talent.

Take a step closer to achieving your true potential as an actor and artist. All the best!


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  1. Wow sir this article is very helpful for me.Today, considering the fast chosen lifestyle that everyone is having, people forget to enjoy their hobbies and passions. Persons throughout every arena are getting back to their passions and people who are not are not that happy with their life. Thanks for relieving your tips and Thanks for revealing your ideas.
    Thank you

Drama juniors and seniors: All actors, share your videos here.

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