How to Die a happy man: How To Be Happy

Die a happy man
Die a happy man

Die a happy man: Are you trapped and always feeling empty in a situation where you keep on struggling with your work, friends and yourself? Have you been in a situation where you felt compelled to accomplish things that you don’t really like?

There are numerous individuals that are trapped in a particular situation which lead them to sadness and imprisons them emotionally. Not all people are happy with the situation they’re in, but they cannot do anything to escape from it. Are you one of these people? Do you want to be free but you are trapped? These things will all lead to one question. Are you always looking for ways on how to be happy?

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How to Die a happy man: There Is No Need to Look for Happiness

Now, your search for happiness starts. Where will you find it? Searching for happiness is a never-ending cycle when you start pushing to get happiness all over again. When you feel happy when you purchase your new house, a new car or plan your next vacation a perfect example of the situation is.

Die a happy man
Die a happy man

The moment that you achieve it, you are in bliss but the next instant, it’s all gone. You start looking for happiness again and that cycle will just repeat itself. One thing is for sure. You are not truly happy.

How to Die a happy man; Happiness is Within You

Happiness is something which you shouldn’t search. It’s always within you. You just did not realize that happiness is just within you because you kept looking for it outside. Happiness gave by someone else or isn’t provided to you. It is a part of you and you are the maker as well as an acceptor of your own bliss.

The first step to achieving happiness is to find your true self. Which are the things that can make you satisfied? What are the things that you do without hesitations? What makes you excited and just thinking of it completes your day? These questions can be of help to know your true self.

Once you already know the real you, accepting that being happy is realizing you can be and that it comes from within. If you are truly contented with what is happening to your life, you can be happy at any given moment. If you are not contented, you also choose not to be blissful.

The only thing that you will do is to keep on searching for a kind of happiness that only lasts for a short period of time. Happiness is always there and when you stop searching for it, particularly from external sources, you will accept the blissfulness that you already have.

Thinking that something else will make you blissful is what keeps you away from being happy. It is all up to you. Being happy is a choice. You think that you’ll never be happy and will, of course, feel that way in case you choose to be sad. Stop searching for happiness and accept that you can be happy when you choose to be. You’ll be blissful from within and again, you can be and this is the real way on how to be happy.

How to Die a happy man; Happiness is life’s most desired goal.

While we continue to look outside of ourselves, as it’s an inside job but we can never achieve it.

Throughout our evolutionary journey, we searched almost everywhere in our quest for true happiness and have tried every strategy imaginable. We have had some great experiences and learned a lot along the way, but we have never found what we are searching for. Eventually, we grow tired of searching and turn our attention to the one place we haven’t looked so far; inside ourselves.

True happiness is not something that may be sought and acquired; it is the natural state of being of our soul, and we can only connect with by going within.

Anything we do, it’s simply our inner quality that we’re going to spread. We cannot do anything of value that is tremendous for our planet until anything of value that is accurate occurs within us. Thus, if we want to be connected to the world, the first thing we must do is to transform ourselves right into happy beings.

It doesn’t matter what we do in our life, whether it is business, studying or giving assistance to someone or some cause, we are doing it because deep down, it gives us satisfaction.

Each activity that every individual executes on this globe rises from a desire. We were not unhappy as happiness and joy is a source which resides within each one of us when we were a child. So all we have to do is to go for it and take charge of that joy which is residing in us.

Everything in the universe is in order. The sun comes up wonderfully well in the sky. The flowers flourish beautifully, no stars fall along, and the galaxies are functioning perfectly.

How to Die a happy man: Why suffering occurs?

Suffering occurs basically when most human beings shed the perception of what this life is really all about, in regards. Our emotional process becomes far larger in relation to the existential procedure or our creation that is petty become far more critical compared to the Creations of GOD, to place it bluntly.

This is actually the way to obtain all suffering. We miss the complete sense of what this means to be alive here. An emotion within us or a thought within our mind establishes the nature of the experience right now. And our thought may have nothing to accomplish even with the restricted reality of our lifestyle.

The entire creation is happening well but just one emotion that is considered can ruin everything.

Anything we consider as “our mind” is not ours basically. It is merely society’s empty talk. Anyone and everyone whom we encounter on a daily basis put some idea or information in our head and we truly have no choice about the idea of whose we don’t accept or accept.

This information is advantageous once we learn HOW TO process them and use them. This accumulation of opinions and information that we collect is simply useful for our survival on the planet. It is not something which is related to who we’re.

How to Die a happy man: Steps by steps

The first thing we need to do in the morning when we get up is to smile. At whom? No one. Since just, the fact that we have woke up isn’t a small matter. Lots of thousands of people who slept yesterday did not wake up today. Is not it great that we woke up? So look as you wake up, look around you, if there is someone, and then smile at them.

For numerous people, because this morning, someone precious to them didn’t get up. Then venture out, take a deep breath and look in the bushes. They didn’t die yesterday.

You may think this is really funny until someone dear to you does not wake up but you will not know its reality. Until you understand the value of it so don’t wait. Appreciate what you have, be happy that you are alive and everybody who matters to you is still around.

Of course, people who do not have the basic needs for living or food can feel physically miserable and their needs must be addressed. Our duty as a human being is to help and take good care of such people when we encounter them. But most people are unhappy not of what it is that they don’t have, as a result.

It’s because they compare their life to others. You’re driving on a motorbike, you see somebody in a Mercedes and you become unhappy. But for somebody who is driving a bicycle, your motorbike seems like a limousine.

How to Die a happy man: GOD’s creation

Life is all about learning and appreciating what GOD has created for us on this planet. It’s not about twisting and distorting it. When we rely on the external situation to create us content and joyful, we could never feel true happiness.

Die a happy man
Die a happy man

The quality of our life does not depend on how big our house is, or on what car we drive, how much money we have in a bank account, but how content and happy we feel inside.

While each one of us is exclusive, and what works for one may not for other. But there are merely locations that tend to make a big difference to people’s happiness in existence. And crucially they’re all areas which are within our control. These areas are:-

1 – How to Die a happy man: Care for others really:

Caring genuinely for others around us is essential to our pleasure. Being caring means wishing the best for others, and acknowledging in them the same hopes needs wishes, and also fears that we have too. It indicates when someone needs help realizing providing a listening ear, without asking for a reward and supporting our community.

Being patient allows us to have sympathy for others and to stay a living based on affection, love, and empathy for the people around us.

2 – How to Die a happy man: Link with people:

“Happiness is motivated not only by the people you know but from the people they know”. Which means by surrounding ourselves with happier people we become happier, we make individuals close to us happier and make the people close to them happier.

People with substantial and strong social relationships are healthier, happier and stay longer. A close relationship with friends and family gives consideration, love, meaning and belonging into our lives and increase our perception of self-worth.

3 – How to Die a happy man: Notice the world around you:

Taking Notice is all about being informed of these in our daily life and noticing those things that individuals find beautiful. It can be easy to hurry through life without stopping to discover much.

Paying more attention to our personal thoughts and thoughts, and to the world around us, to the present moment; could improve our well-being. Becoming more aware of today’s time recognize ourselves better, but also understand new things that we have been using for granted and not simply help us to enjoy the world around us more.

4 – How to Die a happy man: Have something to look forward to Joy in expectation is the key here.

Prior to the circumstance happen, by having something to look forward to, irrespective of how our situations, bring happiness into our life. If your life is a number of undesirable jobs, commitments, and unpleasant jobs, take some time to find out something which YOU’D find enjoyable. And make time to take action.

5 – How to Die a happy man: objectives and Prevent false values:

“Our authentic joy is blocked by our false notion that life ought to be how we wish it to be. The hope that accompanies this false belief sets up for depression, stress, anger, and dissatisfaction “. Your objectives create our reality and they change our lives physically and emotionally.

Unreasonable expectations could make life extremely hard and unhappy. These targets are now created by our ego, as nothing provide our ego with a stronger sense of self-identity as an experience that supports our unhappy life story. ”

In other words, we unconsciously create expectations so we are able to feel disappointed and sad if they are not met. Your ego is addicted to depression and painful emotions”. Master begin to love yourself and start your heart, to drop all targets, and go beyond your ego. Embrace freedom from your ego.

6 -How to Die a happy man: Be comfortable with who you’re:

Finding ourselves, our authenticity may help us to feel our beauty. When we endeavor to be who we are, to be true to ourselves, and acknowledge ourselves with all our defects and problems, we will immediately feel special and attractive. Beauty is never influenced by the approval of others.

Rather the opposite, beauty is quite much self-defined and self-created. By getting gentler to ourselves and accepting ourselves we are able to view our shortcomings as opportunities grow and to learn.

7 – How to Die a happy man: over what we seem to be right now:

most of us have intact potential, perhaps even aspects of intelligence, to become something entirely different, or somehow Locate A goal in life. People who find meaning and objective in their lives are happier, feel more in control and get more out of what they are doing.

They become stressed, anxious, or depressed. But how do we find meaning and goal in life? All of us are wired. Many of us feel more attached to nature, others find by employing inpatient, meaning. The key is to know what works for us. Learning to live our objective is basically an internal job and a spiritual exercise.

Search what give you that perception of fulfillment and strong connection and how, and then browse it in all that you do.


8 – How to Die a happy man: Train yourself to be much more positive:

There’s the positive factor in everything, in every person, in every situation. Sometimes it is not apparent and we’ve to look hard. Even though we’re faced with an arduous situation we are able to think to ourselves “What’s good about this?”

No matter how uncomfortable the circumstance might seem, we usually will get something great if we take the time to contemplate it. Everything, bad or good is a learning experience. And there is generally training to be acquired from every bad experience.

9 – How to Die a happy man: Live Mindfully:

Life is packed with issues. The way we handle them can make a difference between whether we let them control our lives, or we discover a way to grasp every problem as it occurs. We can find a more empowering way to react to the problems life by practicing mindfulness gives us. It also helps us manage our thoughts and feelings to train our head, and reduce anxiety and stress.

10 -How to Die a happy man: look after your body:

There is a robust brain-body relationship through which religious, mental, social, emotional, and behavioral elements could directly affect our health. Being active makes us happier as well as healthier.

By spending time outdoors, eating healthy foods, and getting enough sleep, we are able to improve our well-being. A calm mind, in fact, is nothing without a healthy body to take it, therefore display your body the exact same empathy by looking after it that you show everyone.

It’s definitely time since we OBSERVE TO produce personal well-being and search within ourselves. From our own experience of life, we can clearly discover that well-being should come to us when we modify our understanding of life.

If we’re decided to create wellness and our delight from the external elements it will never happen we need to realize. We want them to be, as nothing is going to be 100% the way. Once we take this fact, then we are able to work with ourselves as a person to get to be the person we would like to be. And joy will be our only choice which has been our authentic nature by design in the first place.


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How to Die a happy man: How To Be Happy

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