7 Things You Should Not Do After Sex

after sex
after sex

Here, we break down the things you should never do after sex if you want to keep your lady parts happy. Making love isn’t just about the physical intimacy, but also about the actions before and after. A lot is meant by your behavior to your partner and is the basis of your future acts of familiarity.

People act boorish and take their partner. It annoys your spouse and steals your relationship’s charm. Here are some things you have to never do after making love. It’s merely one of those mistakes after enjoying an intimate session that couples often commit. Only one mistake can spoil the fun, although they may have made all of the efforts that were necessary to fulfill their partner in bed!

after sex
after sex

7 things you should never do after having sex are:

1. Falling asleep at once
2. Making way for washroom
3. Calling a friend
4. Heading towards study or work
5. Sleeping separately
6. Bringing children to sleep together
7. Eating another meal

During the moments of intimacy, often rules and barriers are forgotten to passion. When these moments are over, there are some very special actions that should be taken more than for politeness sake. This is called, after sex etiquette.

A Difference in Women and Men

After a sexual experience or an orgasm, a man will come down to his ordinary levels of heartbeat, breathing, and hormones. A woman, however, will return to hers much slower. For a woman, the session ends far later than it does for a man. In some extra stimulation, even if the woman had experienced an orgasm, she could, in actuality, reach quickly another orgasm. With this in mind, the guy must (and really the woman too) follow the fundamental rules of after sex etiquette.

The Four Big Don’ts After sex, It’s advisable not to:

1. Jump up and run to the bathroom, leaving your spouse alone

2. Switch to one side of the bed and immediately sleep
3. Make any joking or sarcastic remarks about the previous moments
4. Check your mobile phone for missed calls or messages

Doing any of the four actions above immediately after sex shows an overall lack of good judgment, manners, and sensitivity. The Golden Rule comes to mind here, as in any circumstance, but one of close intimacy requires thinking less of yourself and to another person.

After Sex Etiquette

After the climax is reached and finished, do not hurry to do anything but stay near your partner. You can softly mention you appreciated what was done, and how great you now feel. If it’s necessary, wait a few moments before leaving the bed for the bathroom. Maintain body

If it’s evening and you are extremely tired, do not immediately turn to sleep. Enjoy more intimacy by adopting your partner and give (and receive) more mutual caresses. Refrain. Keep your comments easy, use terms of endearment (even if you really don’t mean them…but create the impression of caring and loving), and do not try to be clever.

After the moments of proximity, it’s not the time nor place. Forget for a while your phone. It may have been ringing during your familiarity, and there may be messages and documents of missed calls. It may wait for 15 to 30 minutes longer. These rules will show not only your good manners but also that you are sensitive to feelings and your partner’s needs.

after sex
after sex

On Continuing

These principles will aid in fulfilling that chance, should your session of intimacy have the chance of continuing. Not only that, but your good after sex etiquette can ensure that chance can turn into something more spectacular. Remember well the old maximum that manners make the man (or woman). Nothing could be more appropriate than in after sex manners. These are destroyed by a partner running for the toilet or rolling over and going to sleep, although certainly, the best moments of intimacy are the minutes after orgasm.

Here will show you what to do after sex is completed, and it is guaranteed to bring you and your partner closer together.

Some Facts about After Sex

Guys should learn their own orgasm is not the same as a woman’s, and hers doesn’t mean sex is finished. She often wants to and can continue. The man is often reluctant or unable to understand this simple fact.

Second, both the bodies have been working at an increased heart and respiratory rate, and there’s a need to reduce those slowly and gradually, in a soft manner that was programmed. This is not a car where you turn the engine off and just stop. On once the engine is switched off to cool the motor gradually if it was, most cars now leave their ventilating fans.

There’s a process also at work, and it doesn’t stop with the orgasm. This guide isn’t for you if your actions were just sex, of the animal nature. Here follow the 4 steps to an end to a highly personal and intimate action.

Step 1 – Don’t Just STOP

If one partner has climaxed and the other hasn’t (assuming here it’s the man), do not just stop. Keep stroking some gentle massage that is tiny, your spouse, and even some fondling of areas. Use some talk to express enjoyment and your emotions. A fantastic exercise here is to continue with some mutual masturbation. The girl may express a desire to continue, and he can still practice sex with some results if the man can not attain an erection. The point here is not to stop.

Step 2 – Getting Closer

after sex
after sex

As your heart beats and breathing return to normal, this is the best time to embrace each other, for a few minutes. This is highly comforting and will often bring the couple that is even nearer than the acts of sex did a few minutes before. These embraces are body embraces with arms around each other and legs entwined

Step 3 – Relaxing

Again an exercise relaxes lying in bed together side by side. Some conversation is ok but even better is currently listening to a music that is quiet and relaxing. During this period, one’s breathing has returned to normal and heartbeat (and blood pressure) have dropped. A feeling of euphoria can felt, as climax often released one’s physiological endorphins (natural hormones that give one a sense of bliss). Sleep can often proceed from this measure.

Step 4 – Eye Gazing

In this step, just gaze into the eyes of your partner. See and feel their peace and contentment, and allow them to feel yours. You can allow you to mind wander, and with a few moments of eye gazing, the come-down period after sex is finished. This whole 4 step procedure should take about some guys 30 minutes and ready to resume sex. If so, the 4 steps will have prepared you for an enhanced sexual experience that is new. If not, you have ended your session and can anticipate the next one.

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7 Things You Should Not Do After Sex

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