Adventure movies: The best of the best!

adventures movies
adventures movies

Adventure movies are like proper adrenaline fuelled vehicles. Such films are perfect to fulfill are flights of fantasy. Watching adventure movies or short films are a great way to pass the time. And it is a very healthy and constructive way to let out your inner angst.

Didn’t get it? No worries. Basically, watching adventure movies are a great outlet for frustration.

It is a way for us to live vicariously through the lives of the characters on the screen. We imagine ourselves going through this adrenaline filled and death-defying circumstances.

And then these characters (who we like to feel are an extension of us) conquer such circumstances with aplomb and come out on top. Watching our action heroes go through such adversities and then end up (mostly) winning, gives us a strange satisfaction. Probably as we think of these adventure movies as an analogy of our own life.

Watching our action heroes go through such adversities and then end up (mostly) winning, gives us a strange satisfaction. Probably as we think of these adventure movies as an analogy of our own life.

Adventure movies: What is an adventure?

Adventure is basically experiencing anything that is unknown to us. It may be a ride on a roller coaster, or a vacation to a far off place about which we don’t know enough, trying out something we have never done before like eating chili or horse riding etc.

Adventure can be big or small. Or it can be something we have been dying to try out or are really scared of ever attempting. Basically, adventure is something that provides us with some excitement.

It can be nervous or eager excitement. It is something that gives us an adrenaline rush, something that is different from our day to day lives.

Adventure can manifest itself in different forms. As we can see from above, it can be a vacation or it can be an activity or it can be a thing or sometimes it can be a state of mind as well.

It depends and differs from person to person. Whatever adventure might mean to you, no one can deny that being adventurous gives you a big high. And this high is something we all chase in different and varied forms.

How adventurous are you depends from person to person? There are some souls who are extremely adventurous and there are some who are adventure-averse and then there are some who are neutral.

But no matter what type are you, everyone does have multiple adventurous experiences in their lives (whether intentional or unintentional).


Adventure movies and videos and their appeal

We know there are a lot of adventurous people and a lot who aren’t. But there is no denying the fact that you don’t necessarily need to be an adventure junkie in order to watch or enjoy adventure movies.

Since no viewer needs to actively participate in adventure movies whether they are Hollywood adventures or Bollywood adventures (or any other), they can actually watch as well as enjoy such movies.

For watching such movies are like fantasy vehicles through which we all can travel and experience a high without actually participating in them ourselves. So we can reap all the rewards, without actually doing anything.

Like enjoying and relating to anything and everything that is happening to the main character (having all the adventure) without going through it ourselves in reality.

Adventure movies are made for us to escape from our monotonous lives for a couple of hours. It is basically entering into an out of control environment (like the one we leave behind) but where at the end you will know everything will work out.

Unlike our own lives, where we never know for certainty, that everything will turn out fine. And that is where their (such movies) appeal lies.

So, doesn’t matter whether you are a college going guy/girl, a working professional, a senior citizen, a nerd, a cool stud or anyone, indulging in checking out the best adventure movies of all time can be in everyone’s interest.

Adventure Movies: Some examples from Hollywood and Bollywood

There have been a variety of adventure movies that we as an audience have been exposed to since forever.

Some are great, some reach iconic status, some are worth just one-time watch and some come and go and we don’t even remember them. So from this vast majority which to pick? Well, it depends again on what you as a viewer prefer.

Adventure Movies: Fast and The Furious
Adventure Movies: Fast and The Furious

You like high action packed adventurous movies, like lets’ say Fast and The Furious series. Or you prefer milder, feel good versions of adventure movies like Little Miss Sunshine, or some animated adventure features like Up. Or the iconic trying to avoid the end of the world adventure like Armageddon.

Closer home in India, there have been a lot of great adventure/action movies. Right from the iconic Sholay to the hilarious Andaz Apna Apna to the most recent examples of such movies like Dhoom, The Ghazi Attack etc.

There are a lot of options out there for everybody and all of them have certainly been very entertaining. This is something that no one can deny.

So, whatever may be your choice, have a movie night where you can binge watch all these movies and have a blast.

As there are enough options out there for everyone to enjoy.

And whatever may be your pick if you are a Hollywood fan, then you can check out more with the Hollywood adventures movies list.

Types of adventure movies

As discussed above, there are multiple choices of adventure movies that you can watch. Adventure movies, the genre has grown manifold to include lots of other genres as well. There is no one type of adventure movie.

There are different types. Each modeled to serve a different audience demographic. So you have lots of these movies that are not purely adventure also.

They are a mix and match of different genres. All of this mixing and matching makes these movies all the more entertaining and interesting.

As well as accepted and revered by a wider audience.

So, lets’ check out the different types of adventure movies:-

Adventure Movies: Alice In Wonderland
Adventure Movies: Alice In Wonderland
  • Absurd/whimsical adventure like Alice in Wonderland
  • Action adventure like Casino Royale
  • Comedy Adventure like Madagascar series
  • Time travel adventure like Back to the Future series
  • Fantasy adventure like Avatar
  • Drama adventure like Finding Nemo
  • Crime adventure like Gone Girl
  • Historical adventure like Troy
  • Magical adventure Like Chronicles of Narnia series
  • Superhero adventure like Captain America
  • Road trip adventure like Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara
  • End of the world adventure like 2012
  • A futuristic adventure like A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  • Feel good adventure movies like Little Miss Sunshine
  • Romantic adventure like Tangled
  • Animated adventures like Ice Age series


Adventure movies and their reception

The reception of such adventure movies depends again on the type of movie it is. It depends on whether they are targeting a huge demographic or not.

It also depends on the scale of production, how famous are the actors, how good the story is and the amount that is spent on the marketing.

Basically, there are a number of factors that determine whether adventure movies become a bona fide success or not. These factors can be said to influence the stats of any genre of movie and not only adventure movies.

These are the basic factors on which each and every film is made or accepted by the audience.

For example, if you cast a very famous actor as one of the leads, the chances are that your film will do a whole lot better than the film which has rank newcomers.

Or if you have a very big marketing and advertising budget then it is more likely that that film will do much better compared to others as it will have a wider awareness factor attached to it.

But as mentioned above these are very general factors. And they reflect on all genres of movies and not adventure movies particularly.

Apart from that if we see, then, the overall reception to adventure movies has generally been positive.

Some have done better than expected business like Up. And some have done outstanding and remarkable business like Avatar.

All in all most adventure movies have been well received. And I am sure that trend will continue.

Famous action and adventure stars

The list of adventure films is long, diverse and very entertaining. But what makes these movies so attractive and entertaining? Of course, all the reasons listed above in this article are reason enough for their appeal.

But there is an additional factor involved in the positive reception of these movies. And that factor is the casting. The casting of famous actors or iconic action and adventure stars has a huge positive impact on the reception of such movies.

Casting a huge action star like Bruce Willis or Jackie Chan or Vin Diesel will definitely guarantee some success (or money security) to the investors and producers.

And a big trust factor for the audience as they are aware of how talented these actors are.

Also, these actors bring with them a certain credibility and fan following from their previous features. So it is a win-win for the investors and audience alike.

Adventure movies in India

Closer home we have some amazing action stars like Akshay Kumar who lend a note of credibility to action adventure movies.

However, starring in such movies is no cakewalk as many of the above famous action stars can tell you.

It requires a lot of hard work to maintain a particular body type. And to be able to do some death-defying stunts is a part of the everyday calendar of these famous actors.

We all are fans of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan type of intense, energetic and fast paced action. But being able to do this requires a whole lot of focus, hard work and determination.

And often times, adventure movies are made with a huge list of stuntmen who perform very dangerous stunts in the name of entertaining us, the audience.

Actors and stuntmen learn action, martial arts very thoroughly and regularly before coming on the screen to entertain us.

Their efforts need to be and should be appreciated.

But whosoever may be doing these stunts, it always is better to have professionals (famous stars and stuntmen) do these sequences.

It can be concluded then, that casting does play a very important role in the success of adventure movies.

Animation adventure movies and their rise and success

Of late, there has been a huge number of adventure movies coming from the Animation film sector. There have been multiple animated adventure movies that have hit the theaters and gone on to become super successes.

And have garnered a huge fan following. Case in point is the massively successful Madagascar series and Ice Age series.

There are multiple stand-alone animation adventure features also that have gone on to become surprised hits like Up.

The success of so many such movies has led to the production of more such super cool animated movies.

So much so, that the list of animation films that have an adventure theme has become a long and entertaining one.

From all of this, we can gauge that adventure movies can impact a wide variety of people. In essence, they can be targeted at everyone from little kids to old age adventure junkies.

Sharehiss- The talent promoting Hub

And here on Sharehiss, we plan to support and promote all those who would like to entertain audiences worldwide with their adventure movies.

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Adventure movies: The best of the best!

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