Sharehiss is a sharing platform for the talented, artistic and dynamic go-getters. It was started in July of 2017. Sharehiss is the brain child of five hardworking, focused and eccentric personalities namely Anisha Bhasin, Tushar Sharma, Abhishek, Shivam and Nikhil Saluja.

Sharehiss was started with the means to create a sharing portal for all. Nowadays with the world shifting to the digital platform to showcase its creativity, Sharehiss would like to provide you all with that opportunity to do so. Sharehiss allows you to make your profile and share all the creativity that you can muster.

Whether it is GIFs or memes or videos or just your super awesome Selfies and pictures, Sharehiss allows you that freedom. Start with making your profile, adding a description about who you are, what are your likes and dislikes, what you are doing etc etc.

And then add a smashing profile picture and an eye-catching cover photo and you are set. Follow your idols and get followed by the people who adore you. As we all know, in today’s time social media is massive. And if you have a grand presence on social media you can capture the market of your choice.

So, whether you are a fashionista or a photographer, a newly married couple or a talented chef, just sign up and post your most amazing pics, GIFs etc. and promote your brand. Or become the next big social media sensation.

As the tagline of Sharehiss states –‘We connect’, well, we certainly do. We here at Sharehiss want to make the world better connected. We here at Sharehiss want to give you all the freedom to explore your passion and to go crazy. Be at your freakiest best and showcase to the world your brilliance.

Whatever is your forte, indulge in it, talk about it and share and promote it on our platform. Another great thing that we offer is the chance for all the creative, thought-provoking and talented writers to show off their penmanship. If you have a desire to write, then do and share your great words with everyone by sharing it on Sharehiss.

Our platform caters to the creative genius, humble beginner, sophisticated suits, brilliant and eccentric loner as well as the idle teenager with fire and passion. Whichever category you fall under, we accept and support you all. Sharehiss is the sharing platform for the world, share whatever you want to. And we will accept it all. Because we welcome all of you the way you are and what you can become.

So feel free to laugh, cry, dance, sing etc, freely without any inhibitions as long as you share it with the world on Sharehiss.

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